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Generation No. 2

     2.  Francis Hugh2 Smithson (John1) was born Abt. 1705 in Louisa Co., Va., and died December 07, 1784 in Lunenburg Co., Va..  He married Sarah Edwards Chiles Abt. 1728 in Hanover Co., Va., daughter of Micajah Chiles and Elizabeth Edwards.  She was born Abt. 1708 in Louisa Co., Va., and died July 18, 1797 in Lunenburg Co., Va..

Notes for Francis Hugh Smithson:

Francis Smithson - list of tithes for 1775, Lunenburg co., Va. page 336
Francis Smithson is on list of tithes for Lunenburg co., Va. for year 1783 (page412)

Will of Francis Smithson from  From Lunenburg Co., Va. Will Book III, page 187.

'In the name of God, Amen, I Francis Smithson of Lunenburg County being all this time in perfect health and memory, yet consider the uncertainty of life have thout fit to make and appoint this to bee (sic) my last will and testament in manner and form as followeth -
 Item, I give my soul unto the hands of God that gave it and my body I give unto the earth to be buryed (sic) at the discreason (sic) of my executors which will be hereafter mentioned.
Item I give unto my son Micajah Smithson and to his heirs and assigns one negro man named James which he has already received.  
Item I have a certain negro man named Nedd which I have long intended to give my son John Smithson and to his heirs but it hath so happened that my son John is now deceased before he had a lawful right to the above named Nedd and my son's dieing (sic) without a will his six youngest children are likely to be the sufferes I do therefore will and appoint the said Nedd to be disposed of in the following mannr.  In the first place I do appoint the produce of the said Nedds labor to be applied to the support and maintenance of the six children whose names are Clement, Charles, Nathaniel, Sally Wade, John and Silvanus until the said Silvanus arrives at the age of fourteen and I do order the said Nedd to be sold att publick auction to the heist bidder for current mony of Virginia allowing twelve months credit the Purchiser giving bond and good security the Bond to have interest from the date  and the money  arrising therby both princeaple and interiste to be equally divided among the six children or so many of them as are then living and I do herreby appointe my sons William and Bartley Smithson trusteate to manage the above affare for the above Six Children.
Item I give to my Son William Smithson and to his Heirs and assigns one negro man named Yorke.  
Item I give to my son Manoah smithson and to his Heirs and assignes two negroes Jamme and Muci.  I give to my son Charles Smithson and to his Heirs and assignes one negro woman named Jude toghether with preasante and futur Increase.
Item I give to my  son Francis Smithson, two hundred acres of land to him and his Heirs and assignes Be the same more or less according to the boundry itt Being the land I now live on I likewise give to my son Francis and to his Heirs and assignes one negro woman named Hanna; together with her fitur Increase; and 20 pounds of current money to be paide him oute of my estate.  
Item:  I give to my son Bartley Smithson and to his Heirs and assignes two hundred acres of land Bee the same more or less according to the boundry thereof itt being the land and said Bartley now lives upone I likewise give to my son Bartley and to his heirs and assignes one negro woman Eade togather with all her future Increase.  Item:  I give to my five youngest sons my whipp saw. Item:  I give to my daughter Elizabeth Edwards,... two negroes Jeffery and Mendon together with futur increase.
Item I give to my daughter Mille Hobson, two negroes. Isaac and Hagar, together with futur increase.  
Item:  I have given each of my children a feather Bedd and furniture, a ridein Beaste and saddle and five head of meate cattle.   I chisets to mention the hearne in lyinger all without being at the Trouble to mention it each one in Pertickaler (sic) which said effects I do hereby allow to be theire lawful property against any person claming under any pretense righte or tittel whatsoever.  
Item, I lend to my wife Sare Smithson Durin her natural life foure Negroes whose names are Tom and Zenne his wife Chloe and Hrry her brother I likewise lend to my Wife durin her natural life two feather beds and furniture two ridein (sic) beastes (sic) and her side saddle likewise eight head of Saleable meate Cattle six head of saleable sheep ten head of saleable Hogs one Iron pott and frying pan and other Trifelin (sic) nesessaries suteable to a woman of her years to keepe house with my wife living with my son Francos and tending parte of the plantation for her own private use.  
ItemAt my wife's deceae I do herby order and appointe the foure negroes and their increse iff any together with Every artikle I have lent to my wife to be sold at Publick sale to heist bider for ready current mony of Virginia and the mny arisin theirby to be equally divided among all my children that are living.
ItemWhereas I have lawfull Rights to the third parte of five negroes in Hardin Burnley's Senors possession in Hanover County which negroes he has had in possession ever sice the yeare 1757 as I now remember and I have never received any Satisfaction for them as yet I do hereby order and appointe thatt if my Executors Shall think fitt upon adivising with an able lawyer think fitt to sew the said Burnley and if the said Burnley be Ded to sew his Exscutors, and if they recover any money from Mr. Burnley or his Executors I do hereby will and appointe the same to be equally divided among all my children that are then living.
ItemI do herby appointe my sons, William, Charles and Bartley Smithson my Executors of this my last will and   etc. etc.

26 day of June 1783"  Fr. Smithson (seal)    (signed Fra Smithsoon)
Sealed and sineed in the presence f:  Richard Jones,Samuel Estes, Joseph Chockley (X, his Mark)

The following notes are from documents located at the Virginia State Library, Richmond, Va., and the Virginia Archives.
At a court held for Lunenburg County the 15th day of March 1782 agreeable to an act for adjusting claims for property impressed or taken for public use:  Lunenburg County Va. Publick Claims, 1780-1784.   pg. 4. Francis Smithson 225#beef.  pg. 11, 9 days waggoning.  pg. 12, Francis Smithson served as waggon master.  pg. 20, Francis Smithson, for a waggon and gear taken by the Continental and not returned; waggoning for same for 37 days; waggoning for militia 20 days.

Notes for Sarah Edwards Chiles:
Cert. of Admin of Estate granted 13 Apr. 1797, Lunenburg Co., Va., to Thomas Edwards - order book 17:201

Sarah Smithson listed as member of Meherrin Baptist church, 1771-1844.

More About Francis Smithson and Sarah Chiles:
Marriage: Abt. 1728, Hanover Co., Va.
Children of Francis Smithson and Sarah Chiles are:
+     5     i.     Micajah3 Smithson, born Abt. 1730 in Hanover Co., Va.; died Abt. July 1823 in Old Pendleton Dist., So. Carolina.
+     6     ii.     William Smithson, born Abt. 1736 in Louisa Va.; died June 03, 1797.
+     7     iii.     John S. Smithson, born Abt. 1739 in Hanover Co., Va.; died December 1784 in Lunenberg Co., Va..
     8     iv.     Elizabeth Smithson, born Abt. 1740 in Lunenberg, Va.; died 1808.  She married Thomas Edwards 1760; born Unknown; died Unknown.

More About Thomas Edwards and Elizabeth Smithson:
Marriage: 1760

+     9     v.     Manoah Smithson, born Abt. 1742 in Louisa , Va.; died Aft. 1826.
+     10     vi.     Charles Smithson, born Abt. 1744 in Louisa. Va.; died Unknown.
     11     vii.     Miland Smithson, born Abt. 1744 in Lunenberg, Va.; died Unknown.  She married Matthew Hobson 1766; born Unknown; died Unknown.

Notes for Miland Smithson:
Probably moved to Georgia.

More About Matthew Hobson and Miland Smithson:
Marriage: 1766

+     12     viii.     Bartlett C. Smithson, born Abt. 1748 in Lunenburg, Va.; died January 12, 1804.
     13     ix.     Francis Smithson, Jr., born Abt. 1750 in Lunenberg Co. Va.; died June 09, 1808.  He married Martha Wood February 21, 1782 in Lunenburg Co., VA; died Unknown.

Notes for Francis Smithson, Jr.:
Francis Smithson, Jr. is on the list of tithes for Lunenburg Co. Va. 1775 - page 366.

More About Francis Smithson and Martha Wood:
Marriage: February 21, 1782, Lunenburg Co., VA