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Generation No. 6

     36.  John6 Joslin (William5, Thomas4 Josselyn, Abraham3, Thomas2 Josslyne, Ralfe1 Josselyn) was born Abt. 1733 in New Jersey, and died June 29, 1793 in Stanford, Lincoln Co., Ky.  He married Dinah Evans Abt. 1753 in Amherst County, Virginia, daughter of James Evins.  She was born Abt. 1737 in New York, and died Aft. 1794.

Notes for John Joslin:
First Land Patent found for John Joslin: Page 652, Patent #32 1752-1756 Nov. 22nd, 1755.

George the Second:  To all know ye that for divers good causes and consideration but more especially for and in consideration of the sum of forty schillings of good and lawful money paid to our Receiver General of our Revenues in this our colony and dominion of Virginia.  We have given, granted and confirmed by these presents for us, our heirs and successors, do give and grant and confirm unto John Joslin one Certain track or parcel of land containing 400 acres lying and being in the County of Albemarle on the branches of Elk Creek and bounded as the followeth, to wit:  Beginning at points and running thence NE line North 330 East 400 poles to points and S 57 degrees, E 400 poles to the first station.
  With all to have and to hold to be held...yealding and paying provided.
In Witness ..
Our truly and beloved Robert Dinwiddie, Esq. our Lieut. Governor and Commander-in-Chief of our said colony and dominion at Williamsburg under the seal of our said colony the 22nd day of November, 1755.
                                           Robert Dinwiddie, Esq.

John Joslin also was granted 100 acres for 15 shillings on Owen Creek, same date, page 652.

John Joslin also was granted 195 acres for 20 shillings, same date, page 653, Pat. 22  which is a part of the same acreage he later deeded to James Evans in his marriage contract, following:  

May 7, 1759 John Joslin to Jas. Evans consideration - marriage contract 195 acres Elk Island Creek Branches, adj his own lines, pat 22 Nov. 1755.   Deed Book C. pg. 100.   Wit: Wm Cabell, Jr., Jas. Nevil, Thos. Wright.

He sold the remainder of his land, above, in 1771.  Deed Book C., page 152 - Amherst Co., Va. The sale was to George Hilton, signed March 4, 1772, for 25 pounds current Virginia money.  There was no mention of dower rights.  

By following the movements of General Daniel Morgan we can trace the military experiences of John Joslin in the Revolutionary War:

On June 14, 1775, the Continental Congress resolved that "six companies of expert riflement be immediately raised in Pennsylvania, two in Maryland, and two in Virginia."  In 1777 these riflemen provided the leadership and eperience necessary to form, under Daniel Morgan, the organization George Washington called "The Corps of Rangers".  According to British General John Burgoyne, Morgan's men were "...the most famous corps of the Continental Army, all of them crack shots."

Daniel Morgan, a native of New Jersey and cousin of Daniel Boone, later moved to Virginia and was commissioned as a captain of the riflemen.

In September, 1777 he joined General Horatio Gates, taking part in both battles of Saratoga that Autumn. where his corp of five hundred sharpshooters played a major rold in the victory.  Later Morgan was promoted to Brigadier General and became well known for the victory at the Battle at Cowpens, in South Carolina.  He went on to become a United States Senator.  Daniel Morgan received a Warrant for his service as an Ensign in the Rangers, for 50 acres of land in Fincastle County. March 1, 1774 (pg 76, Early Adventure on the Western Waters, Kegley, Vol. I).

John Joslin is listed as a Corporal of the Continental Army in Morgan's Riflemen, at the Battles of Saratoga, and of King's Mountain in 1780, followed by Cornwallis' defeat at Cowpens.

There are 2 D.A.R. memberships issued on the basis of John Joslin's Revolutionary War service record.  Both were descendants of his granddaughter Lucy Joslin, wife of  Stephen Harman.

John Joslin sold  a total of 1,070 acres of land that he owned in Amherst County, Va., sometime between 1785 and 1790.  Went to Lincoln County, Kentucky.  Said to be associated with Daniel Boone, John Sevier and William Cocke.  The mention of William Cocke may explain the relationship with the family of James Harman.  See Notes for James Harman.

Will of John Joslin, Lincoln Co., Ky. Will Book -B- pages 92-95.  Dated June 29, 1793 - probated July 15, 1794

In the name of God Amen I John Josling of Lincoln and State of Kentucky being in a low State of body but of sound memory and mind, Calling to mind the Mortality of man Do make this my last Will and Testament, first of all I resign my Soul to God who gave it and as touching my Worldly Estate I give to my wife Dianah in case She should live longer that I do. my negroe man Jacob to work for her, for her lifetime and after her death be sold and the money divided equally between my seven children.
To wit:  John Joslin, William Joslin, Daniel Joslin, Benjamin Joslin, Elizabeth Evens, amd Molly Evens and Sally Whittle and my two grand children, James and Lucy Joslin Children of James Joslin are to have one share equally divided between them.  The whole of my estate is to be sold and divided, agreeable to the above mentioned plan except the two plantations, on which John and William Joslin live, which is to be bound by the following.  To wit:  William Joslin is to have the land where he now lives, beginning at William Patton's northwest corner, thence northwardly at right angles from said Patton's line as far as the Spring Branch that runs through between John Joslin's plantation and the said Williams Joslin's and down said branch to the Hanging Fork, thence to continue from the farm house, eastwardly to join James McKinney's line, thence with said line southwardly to Edmond Powell's line, thence with said line westwardly to William Patton's line, thence with said William Patton's line to the beginning.  And to John Joslin, I give the plantation whereon he now lived to be bounded as followeth.  To wit:  Beginning at William Patton's northwest corner thence to run northwardly at right angles from said corner to the head of the Spring Branch mentioned in William Joslin's bounds then to run westwardly to John________.such a course as will include 100 acres, which mentioned lands John and William Joslin are to give two dollars for each acre, to be settled out of their part of my estate.  I also constitute and appoint Edmond Powell and William Patton my executors.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twentyninth day of June one thousand seven hundred and ninety three, in the presence of:                        
Edm. Powell                                         John (x) Joslin L.S.
Wm. Patton                                                   his mark
Jane Patton   

Notes for Dinah Evans:
Although it has been accepted by most researchers, there is no proof that Dinah, wife of John Joslin, was the daughter of James Evans and Elizabeth Evans.  The Deed, in consideration of the marriage contract, was dated May 7, 1759.  John's oldest son, probably was born 1754.  Since two of her daughters, Elizabeth and Molly(Nancy) married men named "Evens", there is some confusion.  While it is possible that marriage contracts were entered for the daughters as minors, it is more reasonable that the contract was for John himself.

The Deed listed in Book E - pages 572 and 573, Amherst Co. Va., dated August 17, 1784, for the sale of 140 acres of John Joslin's land to Elizabeth Evans for the 20 pounds records the sale of the remainder of John Joslinn's land back to his mother-in-law prior to his move to Lincoln Co., Kentucky.

From Lincoln County, Kentucky Circuit Court Books
Wednesday the 17th Day of June, 1795
Present: Hugh Logan and James Davis, Gentlemen

The Commonwealth - Plaintiff against Dianah Joslin - Defendant

Upon a Writ De Idiota Enquereda

The Sheriff exhibited in court the report of the Jury by him summoned by virtue of the writ aforesaid in these words,  To Wit:  Inquisition indented and taken this second day of May in the year of our Lord One Thousand seven hundred & ninety four, On Dianah Joslin who has been represented to us to be Foolish and an Idiot and on her lands and Tenements goods and Chattels, before me Jonathan Forbis, sheriff of Lincoln county and by the oaths of John Magill, William Neill, James Dooley, Jacob Stevens, Ezra Morrison, Thomas Davis, Noel Johnson, John McCormack, William C. Smith, Thomas McMurray, John Bentley, Josiah Huntsman, who have been duly charged Impartially to Examine whether the said Dianah Joslin is foolish and an Idiot as is before said and whether from her nativity or from any other time And if she enjoys any Lucid intervals.  The Jury on their oaths do say that the said Dianah Joslin is Foolish and not capable to govern herself, and that she was not so from her Nativity but that she has been in a Doting situation somewhere about Twenty Five or Thirty years.  And that the most probable cause of her being Foolish is by her taking to Drink Spiritous Liquors.  And that she hath not abanded any land or Tenements when Foolish And that she is not possessed of any land or Tenements or any other property as appears to us by the Will of her husband John Joslin, deceased.  And that the Estate of the said John Joslin, deceased was worth Twelve hundred and Eighteen Pounds eleven Shillings.  And that the legatees mentioned in the said Deceased's will, is John Joslin, William Joslin, Daniel Joslin, Benjamin Joslin, Elizabeth Evans, Molly Evans, and Sally Whittle, and two Grand Children, James and Lucy Joslin, children of James Joslin, deceased.  All of full age except the two Grand Children.  In Testimony whereof I the said sheriff as well as the Jurors aforesaid have hereunto set our hands and seals the day and year above written.  Jonathan Forbis, L.S., John Magill, L.S., William Neill, L.S., James Dooley, Thomas Davis, L.S., John McCormack, L.S., William C. Smith, L.S., Thomas McMurray, L.S., John Bentley, L.S., Josiah Huntsman, L.S.

Whereupon it is ordered that William Patton, Edmond Powell & Nathan Huston be appointed a Committee for the support and safekeeping of the said Dianah Joslin.  And it is further Ordered that one third part of the Estate of her husband John Joslin, deceased, be paid by his Executor to the said Committee to be by them applied to the purpose aforesaid.  The said Committee having Previously given Bond in the Clerks office in the penalty of Eight hundred Pounds.  Conditioned for the fine performance of the trust hereby reposed in them.

More About John Joslin and Dinah Evans:
Marriage: Abt. 1753, Amherst County, Virginia
Children of John Joslin and Dinah Evans are:
+     37     i.     James7 Joslin, born Abt. 1757 in Virginia; died Abt. 1791 in Lincoln Co., Ky.
     38     ii.     Benjamin Joslin, born Abt. 1760 in Amherst Co., Virginia; died November 03, 1834 in Gibson Co., Tennessee.  He married Mary Gatewood November 10, 1783 in Amherst Co., Va.; born Abt. 1763 in Spotsylvania County, Va.; died Abt. 1826 in Davidson Co., Tennessee.

Notes for Benjamin Joslin:
Colonel Benjamin Joslin, Indian fighter carried the United States mail between Nashville, Tennessee and Natchez, Mississipi in 1796.  He used a buffalo trail that became known as the Natchez Trace.  The Chickasaw Indian Nation was located on the old Natchez Trace route just a few miles west of Tupelpo, Mississippi.

From notes compiled by Robert L. Garrison, Gallatin, Tennessee for his book "Early Southwestern Virginia Pioneers".  "To encourage expansion, Virginia's government was granting 'proof of settlement' titles to land parcels to those who were brave enough to go after them.  The young Virginians as well as a few older ones formed a group to explore the wilds of western Virginia.  A fairly massive 'hunting expedition' was put together.  All were interested in obtaining a land grant and this would be a golden opportunity.
The original hunting party was in place in the year 1767-1769.  It consisted of:  Morris Griffith, James Burke, Moses Higgenbotham, Rees Bowen, Thomas Maxwell, William Webb, James Moore, John Pogue, John Ridgel, William Wynne, William Butler, Jessee Evans, Elisha Cary, William Webb, John Taylor, David Ward, Peter Harmon, Samuel Ferguson, William Garrison, James Ogleton, William Wynne, Jacob Harmon, William Harmon, Benjamin Joslin, William Asbury.

More About Benjamin Joslin and Mary Gatewood:
Marriage: November 10, 1783, Amherst Co., Va.

     39     iii.     William Joslin, born Abt. 1756; died Unknown.
     40     iv.     John Joslin, born Abt. 1754; died Unknown.
+     41     v.     Daniel Joslin, born Abt. 1755 in Amherst Co., Va.; died Abt. 1834 in Hickman County, Tennessee.
     42     vi.     Elizabeth Joslin, born Abt. 1762; died Unknown.  She married FNU Evans; died Unknown.
     43     vii.     Nancy Joslin, born Abt. 1765; died Unknown.  She married FNU Evans; died Unknown.
     44     viii.     Sary Joslin, born Abt. 1766; died Unknown.  She married John Whittle; died Unknown.