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Generation No. 2

     2.  James2 Ferrell (James1) was born Bet. 1750 - 1760, and died 1813 in Hanover Twp., Beaver Co., Pa..  He married Eleanor Swearingen Bef. 1776 in Probably Frederick Co., Md., daughter of Thomas B. Swearingen.  She was born Abt. 1753, and died Abt. 1818 in Hanover Twp., Beaver Co., Pa..

Notes for James Ferrell:
All Ferrell entries are unified under the "Ferrell" spelling.  There are many variations, even within the same document.

James Ferrell (Fearell, Farrall) is listed in Montgomery County Maryland, Revolutionary Patriots Listings, Family Tree Maker, CD 233, Broderbund, page 111, saying he took the Oath of Allegiance (made his X mark) before the Hon. Edward Burgess on Feb. 28, 1778 (Ref. T-3:60 which is Margaret Hodges' Unpublished Revolutionary Records of Maryland)), which listed the name as "Janus Ferrell".  James Ferrell was a private, 2nd Co., Lower Bn., Militia, Sept. 1777. (Ref: M-198, T-5:45)  James Ferrell lived in Rock Creek Hd. (one taxable) in 1777. (Ref: R-31:16)  John Ferrell is also listed, as is Henry Ferrell.  This is the same day, place and Judicial officer as gave the Oath of Allegiance to Thomas Swearingen, Father of Eleanor Swearingen, and Samuel Swearingen, all of Rock Creek Hundred.

James Ferrell appears on a list of Communicants to the Episcopal Church in Washington County, now  Beaver Co., Pennsylvania, found in the Commonplace Book of Rev. John Taylor, who was supply there until he became Minister in Pittsburgh, Pa. He removed to Pittsburgh in 1797.

From:  Pennsylvania Land Patent List for North Strabane Twp. made in 1924 by James Woodward, Pa. Dept of Internal Affairs.  Map 29 -10-1.  (Washington County)

Farrel, James
350 1/4 acres 140 perches & Allowances
Surveyed 27 Feb 1786 in pursuance of a Virginia Certificate
Patented 18 Sept 1788 to James Farrell on Warrant
to accept dated 12 Sept 1788

Note:  The above Farrellton probably is NOT the land of James Ferrell (January 21, 2003.)  Copy of Patent from Pennsylvania State Archives describes it as located on Chartiers Creek in Washington County.  To be further researched.

Several ejectment suits were brought against James Ferrell during the existence of Yohogania County, Virginia (from Augusta County) before the boundary between Pennsylvania and Virginia was settled.  The first suit was brought by Thomas Cook against James Ferrell and is recorded in the Court records for Yohogania County, May 27th, 1778.  This suit was abated by the death of the Plaintiff.

There is a Farrelton (town) in present-day Somerset County, 11 miles northwest of Sumerset where Hwy 601 intersects Hwy 30.  The outline of The History of Somerset County, Pa., shows that this town of Farrelton was founded in 1909 by one Forrest L. Farrel, not to be mistaken for the James Farrell who patented land, above.

U.S. Census for 1800, Hanover Twp., Beaver County Pa, page 21, shows as follows:

2 males under 10
2 males 16-25
1 male over 45
3 females under 10
1 female 10-15
4 females 16-15
1 female over 45

James Ferrell was born before 1755.

James Ferrell appears on Hanover Twp., Beaver County, List of Taxables, 1802
New Beaver County, Pa., tax lists - 1805 New Hanover Twp:
Farrel, James, 210 acres, 2 horses,  3 cows
Farrel, Obediah, singleman, farmer
Hanover Twp. 1805 through 1815 James Farrel Appears on Taxes Pd. List, Hanover Twp.
James Ferril Heirs appears on Taxes Paid, Hanover Twp. 1814, 1815, 1818.
Widow Ferel or Firrel Widow appears 1816, 1817, 1818
Ferril, James Heirs, 172 acres, 2 horses, 2 cows (for 1814, 1815, 1818)

Book A, Pg. 87, Beaver County Register of Wills, Court House, Beaver, Pa., 15009

I James Farrel, of Beaver County and Commonweath of Pennsylvania in a weak state of health but of sound mind memory and understanding thanks be to God for the same doth make this my last Will and Testament....I leave to my wife Elenor Ferrel moveable and household furniture and also my Plantation that I now possess during her life time  Next the said Eleanor Death I leave one hundred acres of said land to my Son William Farril at the Home place and at the decease of his mother the said William is to get a Team of Horses and farming utensils sufficient to work the land he gets and the said William is to purchace one saddle for my daughter Caty Ferrel.  Next I leave fifty acres of land to my son James Ferrel where Charles Blackmore now lives and remainder to my son Obediah joining the said fifty acres on the North east corner of said Plantation and next I leave to my nephew George Farrel one horse and saddle and he is to be free at my decease and if he stays with the family he is to be learned to read and write Provided he stays till he is of age.  And Nancy Patton my niece if she stays with my wife the said Eleanor till she is of age she is to be decently cloathed and learned to read.  I next leave one cow to my Daughter Nancy Hays at my wifes decease.  I also leave to my daughter Caty any bead and beading at my wifes decease and the said Caty is to have her living on the place while she remains Single
and my niece Lenny Patterson is to have one Bead and beding at my wifes decease and my son Thomas Ferril, John Ferrel, Daniel Farrel and Samuel Farrel is each to have one dollar and my Daughters Mary Colvin, Ruth Patton and Eleanor Thomson is each to have one Dollar and the remainder of the propperty is to be equally divided betwixt my Daughters Betsy Parks, Rebecah Blackmore, Nancy Hays, and Caty Ferrel at my wifes decease.  I here by empower my wife Eleanor Ferrel Executor with the assistance of my two sons Obediah Ferrel and William same (?) and for this my Last last Will and Testament given from under my hand and seal this fifth day of November in the year of our Lord one Thousand eight hundred and thirteen.

Witness Present Andrew Sweeney, Henry Wilson, William Wilson.

From Docket of Orphans' Court,. Beaver County, March 1815 Session #6:  James FERREE, deceased, Eleanor, Obediah and William FERREE, executors.  Actual entry says:  "Came into Court Eleanor Ferrel and Obediah Ferrel and William Ferrel, Executors of the last will and testament of James Ferrel, late of Beaver County, deceased, and presented the acccount of their Administration, by which it appears there is a balance in their hands of five hundred and eight Dollars and fifty two and a half cents."

October Term, 1819  #5:  "Came into court William Ferrel, Administrator of the estate of James Ferrel, late of Beaver County, deceased, and presented the account of his Administration, by which it appears there is a balance due the Administrator of Ninety Dollars, sixtynine and three fourth cents.  Which account the Court confirms."  Except for the settlement of his land among William, James and Obediah, as contained in the Deed, other records of the Administration of James Ferrell's estate have not been found.

Note:  Niece "Lenny" Patterson in James' Will.  There is one Verlinda Patterson who married Henry Dawson.  She was born 1810.  "Lenny" may be daughter of James' unmarried (in 1777) sister, Verlinda Ferrell.  See Will and descendants of James of Montgomery Co., Md.  See notes for Verlinda Ferrell, one of his daughters.  Niece Nancy Patton may be a granddaughter, as the term was sometimes used thus at the time the will was written.

James Farrell signed a petition for a new state, to be organized from Fayette, Washington and Greene Counties Pennsylvania, and Ohio and Monongalia Counties, Virginia, to be called 'Westsylvania'.  The document, undated, is located in the Library of Congress, Papers of the Continental Congress No. 48, Folios 251-6, pages 89-96.  His brother-in-law Daniel Swearingen signed as well.  Another petition (there were several) is dated October 18, 1776.

Road Docket for Beaver County, December, 1805, Order to open a public road from Samuel Carothers on the Virginia State Line to near the church near Georgetown, James Ferrell was assigned along with Samuel Carothers, Samuel Swearingen, James Whitehill, David Peyton and William Langfit.

Another entry in the Road Docket for March Session, 1818 orders a Public road built from the south end of William Ferrel's lane to the south end of John H. Reddick's farm at the Virginia State Line. (Would have been West Virginia from the 1860's).  The following were ordered to participate, Bazel Swearingen, John McGlaughlin, James Chambers, Samuel Patton, Robert Doak and John Glasgow.  By this date James Ferrell was deceased, but his land was owned by his son, William, and this entry is made to help establish where the Ferrell property was located at that date.

James Ferrel, Sr. also was signatory to a Beaver County petition to reform its township divisions to better accomodate their needs.  Found in Road Docket No. I, No. 181, January Sessions, 1811. (Joseph Bausman's History of Beaver County, 1904, page 873/874).

A physical search of Hanover Twp., using Deed showing agreement between James, William and Obediah Ferrell concerning the division of their father's land according to his Will, dated 1823, and later deeds (K104 dated Oct. 17, 1831) showing sales of same land to Basil Swearingen, and a 1876 map of Hanover Twp. showing Basil Swearingen's land, along with a topographical map of the area, located James Ferrell's land on the North branch of  Kings Creek, also known as Indian Creek, about  four miles east of the present-day border with West Virginia and one mile south of Raccoon Creek State Park boundary.  There are presently (yr. 2000) no buildings on the property.  For deed showing disposition of his property see Notes for Obediah Ferrell.

It is my sense that James and Eleanor are buried in the private Swearingen cemetery described in Milestones, The Journal of Beaver County History, Vol. 20, No. 2 (Summer 1995).  

Charles A. Swearingen, a great-great grandson of Samuel and Catherine Condell Swearingen and a family historian shared that Samuel Swearingen patented a farm which he called "The Home Place" containing some 393 acres. " The "Home Place" was not patented until after Samuel's death.  Three sons:  John Van, Bazel and Zacariah then secured the patent." (Note:  James Ferrell called his plantation "The Home Place" - it was 100 acres of James' plantation that his son William Ferrell sold to Bazel Swearingen in 1832.)  "When John Van, Bazel and Zacariah split up "The Home Place," John Van apparently held the part where Samuel had lived.  The farm, in my time had 120 acres; and that is where the cemetery is located....It was in the southeast corner of that land that Mary Colvin was killed.  Concerning the cemetery which is located on the road that leads from King's Creek Road (That is that portion of Hardin's Run Road that is on King's Creek) eastward to Poe on Route 168.  (This road is now designated as "Swearingen's Road" and is so marked.)  Samuel's wife, Catherine was probably the first to be buried in the family plot.  She died about 1786, possibly at the death of Zachariah.  The next would be Mary and her infant, I think in 1789.  Samuel died in 1828 and surely is buried there.  One stone still standing and legible in June of 1977 reads' Linda Patterson departed this life Apr. 6, 1810, aged (remainder of stone illegible)."  Note this individual possibly was Verlinda Ferrell, James' sister and the mother of James Ferrell's niece, mentioned in his will as his ward.  Verlinda Patterson, who became wife of Henry Dawson was born in 1810.

Notes for Eleanor Swearingen:
Abstract of Will of Thomas Swearingen, Montgomery Co., July 31, 1794/October 15, 1794:  Lots in Georgetown to be sold.  Sons Elemelick (sole executor), John, Daniel, Samuel, William, (land on Bennett Creek, Frederick Co., called 'Trouble Enough'), Van, Hezekiah, Josiah (last three under age); daughters Eleanor, wife of James Ferrell, Mary Wilcoxson, wife of George Wilcoxson, Ruth wife of Charles Burriss (five shillings to each of these three daughters), Elizabeth, wife of John Wilcoxson; "my wife Mary Swearingen."  Witnessed by Charles Beckwith, Michael Letton, Richard Allison.
Will Book C., page 147, Rockville, Montgomery Co., Md.

Eleanor Swearingen is found in the Census for Montgomery County, Maryland 1790, page 86, line 65 as follows:
l free white male including head of family, 16 and upwards
1 male under 16
3 free white females including head of family
3 slaves.

It is probable that this is the same Eleanor Swearingen, as in 1790 there were serious Indian depredations in Hanover Twp., (later Beaver County).  In several instances the population, frightened by fighting with the Indians pick up their household goods and moved southward into safer territory in Virginia and Maryland.  The listing in Montgomery County is near that for Thomas Swearingen, leading to the conclusion that James and his family were among those who removed to Maryland until safer times.

"Widow Ferel" or "Firrel Widow" was taxed in Hanover Twp., Beaver County, Pennsylvania in 1816, 1817, 1818 (Tax List pg. 24).  William is taxed beginning in 1814 through 1833.

Deed Book Vol. 6 Page, 424, records amicable division of James Ferrell's land according to his Will, signed by William, James and Obediah Ferrell dated February 3rd, 1823.  Conclusion is that Eleanor Ferrell died 1818.  See Notes for Obediah Ferrell
Children of James Ferrell and Eleanor Swearingen are:
+     15     i.     Obediah3 Ferrell, born Aft. 1785 in Probably Beaver Co., Pa.; died December 23, 1844 in Ashland, Ohio.
     16     ii.     James Ferrell, born Bef. 1796; died Unknown.

Notes for James Ferrell:
James Ferrel appears in Census, Beaver Falls Pa., Carnegie Free Library, Tax Records, Box 9 Hanover Twp., Beaver Co., Pa.

Pg. 11 -  l horse $20.00 2 cows, $18.00. 1816 (Ferel)
Pg. 9  - 140 acres land $210.00, 1 horse $30.00, 2 cows $22.00. 1821 (Ferrel)
Pg. 10 - 140 acres $210.00, l horse $15.00. 1823 (Ferrel)

He appears in the U.S. Federal Census for Hanover Twp., Beaver County, 1820, same page as his brother William, as follows:

2 white males under 10 years
1 white male of ten and under 16
1 while male 26 and under 45
2 white females under 10
3 white females 10 under 16
1 white female 26 under 45

     17     iii.     William Ferrell, born Bef. 1794; died Unknown.

Notes for William Ferrell:
Possible marriage to Amassa Lance who moved with one William Ferrell to West Virginia, 1830's.  
William was the last Ferrell to sell his land, acquired from his father in accordance with James' will.  In 1832 William sold his land to his cousin, Bazil Swearingen, and left the area.  It is notable that in the year 1832 there occurred the greatest and most distructive flood of the Beaver and Ohio Rivers until at least 1900. The Ferrell land, situated on the banks of Kings Creek, as a tributary of the Ohio, probably was well under water.  Here is a report of the flood from the Beaver "Argus" of February 20th, 1832.

"Such a scene has never before occurred in our neighborhood, as that produced by the rise of the Ohio river and Big Beaver creek, on Friday and Saturday last.   The water at the junction of those streams was seven or eight feet higher than was ever known before.  Bridgewater, Sharon and Fallston were all inundated, as well as the buildings up and down the river.  In some of the houses the water was up in the second story, and most of them near the ceiling in the first.  A great many light buildings were carried away, together with hay and grain, stack and fences. The loss in the range where the water flowed is incalculable.

Among the sufferers in this vicinity, Stephen Stone, Esq., is the greatest.  He estimated his loss at near ten thousand dollars.  His old dwelling house and stable were carried away; and a large new brick house, lately finished, and which cost about $4,000, is so much injured that it is believed it will fall - a brick kitchen attached to it was torn away....."

See History of Beaver County, Rev. Joseph H. Bausman, A.M., Knickerbocker Press, New York, 1904. Vol I, pg 9.

He appears in the U.S. Federal Census for 1820, Hanover Twp., Beaver County, same page as his brother James as follows:

1 white male 16 under 26
4 white females under 10 years
1 white female 26 under 45

     18     iv.     Thomas Ferrell, born Unknown; died Unknown.

Notes for Thomas Ferrell:
This may be the Thomas Ferrell who was witness to an agreement between Abraham Wigle of Westmoreland to buy from John Ashley of Philadelphia,  lot 109 in Beaver County, adjoining lot 110, and 120, containing 200 acres.  Found in Deed Book A1, page 122, written June 18, 1804.  It was signed by Ashley's attorned, Anthony Crothers, and witnessed by Thomas Ferrrell and Samuel Stickel.  Possibly the oldest son, named for his maternal grandfather.

     19     v.     John Ferrell, born Unknown; died Unknown.

Notes for John Ferrell:
This may be the John Ferrell in Ross County, Ohio, identified from a Swearingen compilation by Lola T. Van Swearingen, 500 St. Andrews Blvd., Winter Park, FL.,  Anna Pub. Co., ca 1978. (title unknown) under Fourth Branch, pp. 367-368, "On July 5th, 1778 he (Daniel Swearingen) married Rebecca Dawson, who was born December 11, 1758.  He and his brother John married sisters.  Old records in the courthouse at Beaver, PA, show that in January 1808 Daniel Swearingen of Brook Co., VA sued Joseph Jenkins of Beaver Co., PA for 25 pounds, l shilling and 9 pence, the amount of a note given by Jenkins to Swearingen for whiskey sold to Jenkins.  In the testimony it shows that one John Fanel or Jerrell of Ross Co., Ohio was the son of Daniel's sister.  Daniel's father, Thomas, named his son-in-law, James Ferrell, in his will."

John may have been one of the older sons, being bequeathed but $1.00 in his father's will.  He may be the John Ferrell who is in Richland County, Ohio before 1820, living very near to Obediah Ferrell, and married to Olive Montgomery, daughter of an early settler in Richland County.  It is possible that he first saw the country around Richland County during military service in the War of 1812, as was true for many settlers in Richland/Ashland Counties, and determined to settle there with his military discharge.

+     20     vi.     Daniel Ferrell, born February 07, 1774 in Maryland; died October 11, 1855 in Jessamine Co., Ky..
     21     vii.     Samuel Ferrell, born Unknown; died Unknown.
     22     viii.     Caty Ferrell, born Unknown; died Unknown.
     23     ix.     Nancy Ferrell, born Unknown; died Unknown.  She married FNU Hays; born Unknown; died Unknown.
+     24     x.     Mary Ferrell, born Abt. 1780 in Frederick Co., Md.; died Abt. 1817 in Cortner,Athens Co., Ohio.
     25     xi.     Ruth Ferrell, born Unknown; died Unknown.  She married Michael Patton July 18, 1799 in Belmont/Jefferson County, Ohio; born Unknown; died Unknown.

Marriage Notes for Ruth Ferrell and Michael Patton:
Familytreemaker CD 450, County and Family Histories: Disk I Belmont, Jefferson Counties, Chapter XXII,  pg. 426.  July 18, 1799, Michael Patton to Ruth Ferrel, by John Moodey, J.P.  For further research.

     26     xii.     Eleanor Ferrell, born Unknown; died Unknown.  She married FNU Thomson; born Unknown; died Unknown.
     27     xiii.     Betsy Ferrell, born Unknown; died Unknown.  She married FNU Parks; born Unknown; died Unknown.

Notes for Betsy Ferrell:
There is a possibility that this "Betsy" Ferrell Parks, is married to a brother-in-law of Sarah Lance Ferrell, wife to Betsy's brother Obediah Ferrell.  See the land transaction under "Notes", for Sarah Lance Ferrell.  Note that one of the signers of the Quit-claim deed to Obediah's son James is Elizabeth Parks.  Her husband, David Parks, died in 1837.  His father was Robert Parks.  Need to research  for siblings of David Parks.

+     28     xiv.     Rebecah Ferrell, born Abt. 1786 in Beaver Co., Pennsylvania; died Abt. 1861 in Marion Twp., Fayette Co., Ohio.

     8.  John2 Ferrell (James1) was born 1759, and died Unknown.  He married Elizabeth Lazenby, daughter of Robert Lazenby and Lucy Harding.  She was born February 12, 1763 in Chevy Chase, Rock Creek, Mont. Co., Md., and died Bef. 1826 in Fifth Creek, Iredell Co., No. Carolina.

Notes for John Ferrell:
John Ferrill was a private, 2nd Co., Lower Bn., Militia, July 15, 1780 (Ref: D-42) (2) John Ferrell was a private, Capt. Edward Burgess's Co., lower District of Frederick (now Montgomery) County, Militia, July 1776 (Ref: D-42).  Private, 5th Co., lower Bn., Militia, Sep., 1777 (Ref: M-198, T-5:43) John Ferrell took the Oath of Allegiance before the Hon. Edward Burgess on Feb. 28, 1778 (Ref: T-3:60, L-1:40) John Farrall took the Oath of Allegiance before the Hon. Charles Jones on Jan. 10, 1778 (Ref: T-3:71, L-1:40).  John Ferrell rendered aid by providing wheat for use of the military in 1780 (Ref: O-329).

John Ferrell was Executor of his father's Will, Montgomery Co., 1777, see notes for James Ferrell.

Married Elizabeth Lazenby, daughter of Robert Lazenby and Lucy Harding of Chevy Chase.

Moved to Fifth Creek, Iredell County, North Carolina with three Lazenby brothers-in-law before 1785.  His Will can be found in Book 2, pg 43, Iredell Co., NC Will Book

John Farrel's will, dated 13 Nov. 1826, listed children Patsy, Rosanna, Mary, Nancy, John and Joseph.  His wife, Elizabeth, was not mentioned

Notes for Elizabeth Lazenby:
 Her birth is recorded at Rock Creek church, as Februry 12, 1765.

Elizabeth and her husband John Ferrell left Maryland with her brothers, Thomas, Henry and Joshua, about 1783.  They settled on Fifth Creek, Iredell County, North Carolina.  Her father's Will, (Abstract of Wills Montgomery Co., MD 1776-1825 Volume 1), dated March 3, 1785, bequeaths "To m daughter Elizabeth Farrell I give and bequeath one Negro Girl named Charlotte."  Her father was in possession of Wolf's Den Farm, consisting of 217 acres, value L189 -17 -16, at the time of his death. It is said the house stood until 1953.   Florence's note:  This infprmation was compiled from a number of sources, chief being Judy Wolff, on August 31, 2001.
Children of John Ferrell and Elizabeth Lazenby are:
+     29     i.     Rosanna3 Ferrell, born Unknown in Maryland; died February 08, 1860 in Calloway Co., Kentucky.
     30     ii.     Patsy Ferrell, born Unknown; died Unknown.
     31     iii.     Mary Ferrell, born Unknown; died Unknown.
     32     iv.     Nancy Ferrell, born Unknown; died Unknown.
     33     v.     John Ferrell, born Unknown; died Unknown.
     34     vi.     Joseph Ferrell, born Unknown; died Unknown.

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