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Our web site is devoted to the descendants of James Ferrell of Maryland, and those families allied through marriages and otherwise over the years since he wrote his Last Will and Testament in Frederick County Maryland, on October 6th 1776.  This document reveals a gentle man, concerned that his heirs “consider these critical times and not insist of their shares until such times as the Estate will pay them without hurting those my beloved children (who are the) Executors.”  Bed-quilts and Heifers are to be distributed after his debts are paid. He gives to his son Henry, “a mare commonly called his mare and my wearing apparel.”   He leaves to his “unmarried daughters two side saddles, two Loomes with the Gears, Three Linen Wheels and Quantity of Cotton and what Flax is made.”  Some of his sons are away. Having taken an oath of allegiance to Maryland, they are in the field against their former Monarch, George III.

I haven't found whether James Ferrell of Maryland was our immigrant ancestor, or whether his father or grandfather was the first to come here.  I haven't found whether the Ferrell's sailed from Ireland, Scotland or England. I haven't found his wife, and as she isn't mentioned in the Will, and there are eight unmarried children mentioned, she probably was deceased.   James probably was a relatively young man, perhaps wounded in the first few months of fighting.  This document tells who they were in any case.

Our earliest ancestor to America was William Coxe, a 12 year-old boy who came to “Elizabeth Citti,” Jamestown on the Goodspeede, on June 10, 1610, with Thomas West, Third Lord De La Warr.  He married Elizabeth Hutchins.

Next earliest was Thomas Josslyne who took a tract of land in Hingham, Massachusetts, about 1640.  He was appointed a member of the Council for Maine (from Massachusetts) by Governor Gorges on March 10, 1640.  His wife, Rebecca Marlowe, died in Hingham in 1645.

Another early arrival was Gerratt Van Swearingen, of Beemsterdam, Holland, who was sent by the City of Amsterdam to take over management of a plantation in New Amstel, Delaware, being given over to Amsterdam by the Dutch West India Company.  Garrett arrived on de Prince Maurits on December 21, 1657.  Within a year he had married Barbara de Barrette, a Hugenot from Valenciennes, France.

Here are some surnames of families who are married into the Ferrell line, or are allied in other ways.  It is our earnest hope that other researchers will contact us with additions, corrections or comments.

Swearingen                    Berry                           Smithson
Lance                              Finley                          Joslin
Gries                               Evans                           Weatherford
Warden                            Benner                          Cox
Latimer                             Harman                       Parke

Here are   surnames we would like to have your help with: