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Generation No. 4

     13.  Israel4 Harman (Jacob3, Jacob2, Johan Michael1 Hermann) was born Abt. 1754 in Montgomery Co., Va., and died Aft. 1805 in Livingston Co., Ky..  He married (1) Jenny Gibson Abt. 1778, daughter of Isaac Gibson.  She was born Unknown.  He married (2) Keziah Thompson January 03, 1788 in Lincoln Co., Ky..  

Notes for Israel Harman:
Israel Harman appears on a Roster of Troops under Captain Daniel Smith, probably at Maiden Springs Fort, October 4, 1774 (Draper Mss 3 QQ 114).  Maiden Springs was one of seven palisaded forts erected on the order of Lord Dunmore,(June 25, 1774)  Of the seven on the Clinch erected in compliance with the order, four were on the lower Clinch, under Captain William Russell's, militia command, and three were on the upper Clinch under the militia command of Captain Daniel Smith.  The forts were erected by the local militia under the supervision of Colonel William Christian, who had been sent out to the frontier by Colonel William Preston who was militia commandant for the entire area on the Clinch River. The Roster of Troops referred to by Draper was the list of the first men to man those forts immediately after their construction.  Captain Smith reported to Colonel Preston that through fear of the Indians, Jacob Harman (Israel's father) had moved his family "into the New River Settlement."  Captain Smith also reported that upon the recommendation of Thomas Maxwell, he had appointed Israel Harman to act as a scout down
Sandy Creek.  Maiden Springs may have existed several years prior to "Dunmore's War" but not in palisaded form.

He died either in Montgomery Co., Va., or Pulaski Co., Ky.  To be verified.  
Children of Israel Harman and Jenny Gibson are:
+     21     i.     Stephen5 Harman, born April 18, 1779 in Virginia; died February 16, 1850 in Aberdeen, Monroe County, Mississippi.
     22     ii.     Samuel Harman, born 1780; died 1846 in Livingston Co., Ky..  He married Claremon Woolf April 13, 1803 in Christian County, Ky..
     23     iii.     Sarah Harman, born Abt. 1784.  She married John Taylor February 19, 1801 in Pulaski Co., Ky..

Notes for John Taylor:
Probably lived next to Stephen and Lucy Joslin Harman in Monroe County, see Census, 1820.

Marriage Notes for Sarah Harman and John Taylor:
Pulaski County, Kentucky Marriage Bonds, Vol. I.

John Taylor and Sally Harmon - Bond: January 1, 1801.  Surety: John Wilkerson, Consent:  "Consent of grandfather, Jacob Harmon."

     24     iv.     Henry Harman, born Abt. 1786; died 1826 in Marion County, Indiana.  He married Elizabeth Green July 26, 1810 in Pulaski Co., Ky..

Marriage Notes for Henry Harman and Elizabeth Green:
Bondsmen were William Harman and Thomas Green, indicating another possible son for William  Sr. as he was deceased by this date.  Marriage Bond says Agnes Green,  Vol. I Pulaski County Marriage Bonds.

Henry Harmon and Agnes Green, July 26, 1810, Surety: William Harmon and Thomas Green.

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