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Descendants of Johan Michael Harman

Generation No. 1

     1.  Johan Michael1 Hermann was born 1670 in Mittelgranken, Wurttemburg, Germany, and died Unknown in Mittelgranken, Wurttemburg, Germany.  He married Kundigunda Regis 1698 in Mittelgranken, Wurttemburg, Germany.  She was born Abt. 1673 in Mittelgranken, Wurttemburg, Germany, and died Aft. 1712 in Mittelgranken, Wurttemburg, Germany.

Notes for Johan Michael Hermann:
Disclaimer:  Much research has been done on the family of Johan Michael Hermann and his sons who emigrated to America.   Information has been borrowed from existing literature and records to compile the following background.  For more resources please consult your library.

A brief timeline for the Moravians' history follows:

Jan Hus (1372-1415) born in Husenic, Bohemia (now Czech Republic)
Studied Theology at University of Prague.
Ordained, 1402.
Preached at Bethlehem Chapel in Prague, in the Czech language.
Influenced by Wycliffe.
Called to trial at Council of Constance, 1414-1418.
Tried and convicted of heresy.
Burned at the stake, July 6, 1415.
Disturbances following his martyrdom were called Hussite Wars.
The surviving branch, called Unitas Fratrum, organized 1457.  They published the Bible and a hymnal in the common language, claimed to be the first non-latin Bible in Europe, more than 25 years before Martin Luther's birth.
Moravians flourished in Central Europe until the Thirty Years' War 1618-1648,
The Peace of Westphalia, ending the Thirty Year's War, decreed that each nation would follow the religion of its monarch, thus Moravia and Bohemia became Roman Catholic.
Those who didn't flee to Poland with Bishop Comenius went underground, or were forced into exile, many moved westward into Germany.
1721, Moravians approached Count Nicholas Ludwigrun Zinzendorf, a Lutheran, for permission to seek asylum on his estate in Saxony, built Herrnhutt, a Morvian community on his estate.
 Zinzendorf met Anthony Ulrich, a slave from St. Thomas, West Indies, at the coronation of Christian VI, in Copenhagen, plans made for missionaries to go to West Indies, 1731.
English Moravians split in 1742 creating Methodist, under the leadership of John and Charles Wesley, in London.
In 1732 settlers from Germany and Moravia (now Czech Republic) came to the New World.  On Christmas Eve, 1741 they founded the community of Bethlehem sixty miles north of Philadelphia (Lehigh Valley). Count Nicholas Zinzendorf and his daughter, Countess Benigna Von Zinzendorf were there for the occasion.

Notice is here taken of the history of the Moravians or Brethren because the first documentation of our ancestor, Jacob Harman, can be found in the diaries of Moravian Missionaries who visited him in Virginia and told that his grandfather was one of their faith.

It it unknown when the Hermann brothers left Germany.  It is probable that they spent some time on the Isle of Man, as most of the Palatinates did.  The Harman Genealogy, Southern Branch, by John Newton Harman, Sr., (pp 47-57) shows Heinrich Adam Hermann, known as Adam Sr. was born in Germany about 1699, married Louisa Katrina in Germany, October 8, 1723.  Of their 11 children Adam Jr, was born about

1724 in Germany, Henry was born about 1726 on the Isle of Man, George was born 1729 in Pennsylvania, and Mathias was born 1736 in Virginia, near Strasburg.  The records show that they arrived on the ship "Charlotte", to Philadelphia, in January, 1726.  The brothers were alleged to be proficient in both English and German when they arrived in Virginia.

It is believed that the seven sons of Johan Michael Hermann first lived in Berks County, Pennsylvania, for several years, before moving their separate ways. Available land records show Adam, Mathias, George and Jacob with holdings in Philadelphia County, 1734, before Chester, Berks, Bucks, and other counties were delineated.  At least four of the sons later moved down the Shenandoah Valley to Virginia and North Carolina.  Note that there are no Indentures to be found for the Harman brothers, so it is probable that they paid their own passage.  Since they were able to pay rents or to buy land in Pennsylvania, and to claim land within a few years of their move to Virginia, their financial status may have been better than most immigrants at that time.

Notes for Kundigunda Regis:
Most researchers believe that Johan Michael Hermann's wife, Kundigunda Regis was a Czech, since her name is not of obvious German derivation.  Her father prabably was the Moravian who is identified by the Missionaries who visited Jacob Harman in Virginia.  Needs verification.
Children of Johan Hermann and Kundigunda Regis are:
+     2     i.     Jacob2 Harman, born 1705 in Mittelgranken, Wurttemburg, Germany; died 1756 in Neck Creek, Pulaski, Virginia.
     3     ii.     George Adam Harman, born 1710 in Mittelgranken, Wurttemburg, Germany; died 1787 in Rowan County, North Carolina.  He married Mary Margaret Wiley December 1744; born 1720 in Frederick Co., Md.; died 1789 in Rowan County, North Carolina.

Notes for George Adam Harman:
Was listed as a passenger aboard the "Charlotte" to Philadelphia, January, 1726, with his brothers, Jacob, Heinrick Adam, Daniel, Valentine, John and Mathias.  Had 50 acres in Cheltenham Twp., Philadelphia County (later Berks Co., ) 1734.

     4     iii.     Valentine Harman, born 1706 in Mittelgranken, Wurttemburg, Germany; died February 1756 in Giles, Virginia.  He married Mary LNU.

Notes for Valentine Harman:
Was listed as a passenger aboard the "Charlotte" to Philadelphia, January 1726, along with brothers Heinrick Adam, George, Jacob, Daniel, John and Mathias.  No issue.  Killed by Indians about 1756.

     5     iv.     Daniel Harman, born 1712.

Notes for Daniel Harman:
Was listed as a passenger aboard the "Charlotte" to Philadelphia, January, 1726, along with brothers Heinrick Adam, George, Valentine, John, Jacob, and Mathias.  Taken prisoner by Indians.

     6     v.     John Harman, born 1714.

Notes for John Harman:
Is listed as a passenger aboard the "Charlotte" to Philadelphia, along with brothers Heinrick Adam, Jacob, Valentine, George, Mathias, and Daniel.

     7     vi.     Mathias Harman, born 1707.

Notes for Mathias Harman:
Mathias was listed as a passenger aboard the "Charlotte" to Philadelphia, 1726, along with his brothers Heinrick Adam, George, Jacob, Valentine, John, and Daniel.  Had 100 acres in Philadelphia County, Hanover Twp. 1734.

     8     vii.     Heinrich Adam Harman, born 1700 in Rhine, Germany; died November 1767 in New River, Giles Co., Va..  He married Louisa Katrina Mathias October 08, 1723 in Mannheim, Germany; born Abt. 1704 in Mannheim, Germany; died March 18, 1748/49 in New River, Giles Co., Va..

Notes for Heinrich Adam Harman:
Was a passenger aboard the "Charlotte" to Philadelphia, January, 1726,m along with his brothers Jacob, Valentine, Mathias, George, Daniel, and John.  Had 100 acrs in Hanover Twp. Philadelphia County (Later Berks.) 1734.

Notes for Louisa Katrina Mathias:
Died in childbirth.  She had 11 children.

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