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Descendants of David Janse Swieringh

Generation No. 1

     1.  David Janse1 Swieringh was born Unknown in Holland.  He married Hester Jacobs.  She was born Unknown in Holland.

Notes for David Janse Swieringh:
Here is some trivia concerning the origins of the name Swearingen, from Some Descendants of Garrett Van Swearingen of St. Mary's Maryland, by Francis C.T. Daniels, 1983 Gateway Press, 111 Water St., Baltimore, MD, 21202. LCC # 83-81148 She cites as reference Bremen Documents ("Bremisches Urkunderbuch"), said documents written in Latin.  At present proper citation for the Bremen Documents is not available.

1 - On April 2, 1305, a group of knights agreed not to build forts and castles against the city of Bremen, or anywhere in its vicinity.  The agreement was signed by the secular Lord-Bishop of Bremen, one Geselbert, on the one side and several knights, among them Gerhard (Gerrit) Swerink and Marckward, his brother on the other hand.

2 - In 1309 Saxon knights around Bremen planned to build a strong castle to prevent further encroachments onto their ancestral lands by the Archbishops of Bremen.  Other knights, mindful of the agreement of 1305, promised to prevent the building of said castle.  Among the latter was Gerhardus Swering (Gerrit Swerink). Vol II, Nos. 43, 98.

Further she states :  

3 - "We find the name "Van Swerin" first mentioned in the city of Wismar, on the Baltic, about the middle of the 13th century."  She makes reference again to the "Bremen Documents", Vol V, No 494.  "It is in this document of 1431 that for the first time a scion of the old Sweringe family is found recorded under the full name of vanSweringen.  Sweringe was the old clan name.  Van Sweringen the title or feudal family name, derived from Sweringe, the Manor of the Sweringes."

There are two versions as to who is the father of Garratt Van Swearingen.

 First:  "The father of Gerrett was Hendrick Van Sweringen/Seringen b. 1614 in Holland.  The only documentation to that effect is from a will of his sister, Mary van Sweringen"  An extract of a letter to Jay E. Swearingen from Paul J. Rapteyn, Hilverus, Holland, 1933:   "The will or testament of Mary van Sweeringen shows us that she left as a legacy to her brother, Gerrit Van Sweeringen, now (as far as she knows) residing in the Marylands in the Virginies near the fort of Baltimore, an account of two guilder."  In another document is mentioned that she, Mary, gives power of attorney in which she authorizes her brother, Albert, to sell her 1/5 part or share in a fram (farm?) and belongings, formerly the property of her parents - and situated in what the clerk in America called Remsterdwan/Beemsterdam.  Garrett, Mary, and Albert's father was Hendrick Van Sweringen/Seringen b. about 1614 in Holland.  

Second, from the research papers of Dr. Oren Sweringen, December, 1995:  "Gerrett baptized July, 1648 Van Haarlem.  Father: David Janse Swieringh.  Mother:  Hester Jacobs, Gemeente Archiefs, 40 Janstratt, Haarlem.

Notes for Hester Jacobs:
Extracted from research papers sent December, 1995 by Dr. Oren Swearingen:  "Gerrit baptized 26 July 1648 Van Haarlem.  Father:  David Janse Swieringh.  Mother:  Hester Jacobs, Gemeente Archiefs, 40 Janstraat Haarlem."
Children of David Swieringh and Hester Jacobs are:
+     2     i.     Garrett2 Vansweringen, born February 04, 1635/36 in Beemsterdam, Holland; died February 04, 1697/98 in St. Marys County, Maryland.
     3     ii.     Mary Vansweringen, born 1634.
     4     iii.     Albert Vansweringen, born 1630.
     5     iv.     Unknown Son Vansweringen, born 1632.