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Generation No. 2

     2.  Sarah2 Lance (Peter1) was born Abt. 1785, and died December 1847 in Ashland, Ohio.  She married Obediah Ferrell Bef. 1806 in Probably Beaver Co., Pa., son of James Ferrell and Eleanor Swearingen.  He was born Aft. 1785 in Probably Beaver Co., Pa., and died December 23, 1844 in Ashland, Ohio.

Notes for Sarah Lance:
For further research:  Sarah came from Independence Twp., Beaver County, Pa.  Independence Twp. is east of Hanover Twp., the home of the Ferrells in Beaver County.  There are still (year 2000) numerous families by that name in the Twp.  There is a road called Lance Ridge running through (East and West) Raccoon Creek State Park.  The 1876 Atlas of that Twp. shows 15 plats owned by members of the Lance family.   

Following is a true copy of a deed, transferring title to property in Richland County by Eleanor Lance, mother of Sarah Lance Ferrell, and relict of Peter Lance, Sarah's father, to Sarah Lance Ferrell and other siblings, heirs of Peter Lance.

Richland County Ohio Deed Book, Vol. 20 pg. 98.  Deed Date 1833, Recorded 1838 NE Qr., Sec. 13, Twp. 24, Rg 17, Acres 80.

Eleanor Lance, widow and relict of Peter Lance, dec.d Deed to Jacob Lance, Obediah Ferrell & others.  Rec'd. Nov. 26, 1838 and recorded Dec. 11, 1838.

This indenture, made this ninth day of April, in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty-three, between Eleanor Lance, widow & relict of Peter Lance late of Milton Township, Richland County in the State of Ohio of the one part, and Jacob Lance, Obediah Ferrell & Samuel Lance all of Richland County in the State of Ohio, witnesseth, that I, the said Eleanor Lance for and in consideration of the sum of One hundred Dollars to me in hand paid, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, do hereby remiss, release and forever quit-claim unto the said Jacob Lance, Obediah Ferrell and Samuel Lance and their heirs and assigns all my right, title, claim and interest which I now have or may hold as the widow & relict of said Peter Lance dec'd. in and to the lands & real estate left by the said Peter, which right of dower that I claim in said real estate is hereby conveyed & quit-claimed to the above named persons in the following tract or parcel of land, bounded and distinguished as follows:  A certain lot of land containing about eighty acres, more or less, of that parcel of land granted by Congress for the use of schools, in the Virginia Military District of the town of Mansfield, more particularly described by being the South half of the North east quarter of section number thirteen township number twenty four in range number seventeen in Richland County in the State of Ohio, for the term of ninety nine years and renewable by paying the tax on said lot being six percent on the valuation at two dollars per acre.  I the said Eleanor forever hereby remiss, release and quit-claim unto the above mentioned persons all my claim and interest therein to them and their heirs which I now hold or can hold in said tract of such as widow and relict of the said Peter Lance, dec'd.  In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 9th day of April, 1833.  Signed Eleanor Lance (x) her mark.

Witnesses present - J. Foulk /?/  Conrad Adams  

See Notes under James Andrew Ferrell, Sarah's son, for additional information and disposition of this property.

Notes for Obediah Ferrell:
Obediah Ferrell appears in New Hanover Twp., Beaver Co., Pa., 1805 list of taxables as single man, farmer, no acreage.  Obiediah Ferril appears in Hanover Twp, Beaver Co., Pa., 1815 list of taxables with 50 acres, l horse, l cow.  In Taxables list for Hanover Twp., Beaver county for 1811, 1812, 1813, 1814, 1815.

Obediah Ferrell appears in Hanover Twp., Beaver Co., Pa., Census 1810 (Note:  Enumeration was returned January 25, 1811), as follows:

2 males under 10
1 male 16-25
2 females 16-25

Obediah Ferrell has been found in the 1820 Census, Milton Twp., Richland County, Ohio.  M-33, Roll No. 92, pg. 170B

5 males under 10 years
1 male 10 and under 15
1 male 26 and under 45
1 female under 10
1 female 26 and under 45

  His father-in-law, Peter Lance is to be found in the Richland County Census, Milton Twp. and one brother-in-law, Jacob Lance is found in the Milton Twp. Census.  One John Ferrell, believed to be, but not proved, is possibly Obediah's brother, also in Milton Twp. Census for 1820.

Obediah Ferrell appears in the 1830 U.S. Census for Milton Twp. Richland Co. pg. 123. Microfilm No. 0337950 as follows:  Males 1-5, one; males 5-10, two; males 10-15, two; males 15-20, two; males 20-30, one and males 40-50, one.  Females 5-10 two; females 10-15 one; females 40-50 one.

Obediah Firl appears in the 1840 Census for Milton Twp., Richland Co., Ohio as follows:

2 males 10-15
1 male 15-20
3 males 20-30
1 male 50-60
1 female 10-15
1 female 15-20
1 female 50-60

Following is a Deed, filed in Hanover Twp., Beaver County, Pa., Vol. 6 page 424/425, dated February 3rd, 1823, recording a Division of lands amongst James Ferrell, Obediah Ferrell and William Ferrell, in accordance with the Will of their Father, James Ferrell Senior.

To all to whom these presents may concern Know ye that where as our Father James Ferrel of Hanover Township Beaver County in the State of Pennsylvania bequeathed to us the undersigned his real estate consisting of two hundred and ten acres of land with a surplush of some odd perches and allowance of six per cent to be divided in the following manner to wit.  One hundred acres to be laid off in a suitable form including his mansion house for his son William fifty acres on the North West quarter of the tract where Charles Blackmore then lived for his son James and the residue lying on the North East quarter for his son Obediah.  In pursuance of the said Will we the undersigned the said sons of the said James Ferrel deceased amicable by Verbal agreement soon after the decease of our said Father made division of the said tract designated by the following courses and distances  the line which should designate and separate our respective portions of said land Beginning at a Chestnut on William Wilsons line thence South sixty one and three fourth degrees West one hundred and eighty four perches to a bush on that side of the tract which joined Samuel McKendley dec'd. all the land South of this line to be the property of William Ferrel.  James Ferrels part to begin at the said bush thence North Sixty one and three fourth degrees East Sixty four perches to a post thence North twenty four and an half West one hundred and fifty one perches to a white oak on Samuel Conleys (now Hugh Morrisons) line all lands west of this last line within our Fathers Deed to belong to James Ferrel and the whole of the residue East of said line round to the beginning chestnut to be henceforth the property of Obediah Ferrel and now for the purpose of securing to each of the undersigned their respective purparts and to enable them and each of them respectively to occupy sell or dispose of their respective claims as herein specified we do by these presents mutually ratify the said agreement in this solemn manner.   In testimony whereof we have interchangeably set our hands and seals the twenty eighth day of January Anno Do. eighteen hundred and twenty three.

The above Diagram is a representation of the old tract and the intermediate black lines show the manner in which it is divided (all strict measure)  ( There follows a diagram of said division.  A copy of this deed, showing a diagram of the real estate, is in possession of Florence)
signed James (x) Ferrell /seal/ Obediah Ferrel /seal/ Wm. Ferrel /seal/
Signed and sealed in the presence John H. Redick, Thos. Wilcoxon.
Beaver County I do hereby certify that James Ferrel Obediah Ferrel and William Ferrel signed sealed and acknowledged this writing before me and in my presence desired the same might be recorded.  Jan 28th, 1823.  John H. Redick a Judge /seal/

By the above date Obediah Ferrell had removed to Ashland Co., Ohio where the records indicate he lived after 1815.  His home in Ohio has been located.  By quitclaim  the W1/2 of SE1/4 of Sec. 2, Twp. 25, Range 17 containing 83 acres, signed by the heirs of Obediah Ferrell,  was conveyed to his son, Obediah for the sum of $1672,  dated Feb. 27, 1851, recorded May 4, 1858.

Obediah Ferrell's will appears in Administration Records Vol. 5, Pages 28-30, Richland Co., Ohio

In the Matter of this Last Will and Testament of Obediah Ferrell Dec'd.

The Last will and testament of Obediah Ferrell was this day brought into Court and proved by the oaths of Joseph and Samuel Pollock (indecipherable)

I Obediah Ferrell senior of Milton Township, Richland County, Ohio In considering the uncertainty of this mortal life, and being desirous of settling my worldly affairs do make and publish this my last will and testament in the manner and form following, Principally and first of all, I commend my immortal soul into the hands of God who gave it and my body to the earth to be buried in a decent, Christian Godly (?) manner and as to such worldly estate and property wherewith it has pleased God to gift me with in this life I give and dispose of in the following manner. (?) I give to my affectionate wife Sally as long as she lives as my widow and  the whole of my property both real and personal and to be under her control and disposal and she is authorized to give when she thinks proper to my sons Jackson, Washington and Lanson a horse a piece of his own selection to place them on an equality with sons James, Peter, Obediah, William and John that has received a horse each.  And Sally my daughter is to receive as much as her sisters Betsey and Polly or what her mother thinks proper while she lives and continues my widow and I hereby nominate Obediah and John, my said sons to assist my said wife Sally in the management of the affairs of this place in my said wifes lifetime, and at her death or when she ceases to be my widow they are authorized to take the management and settlement of the Estate and to divide it or the proceeds thereof equally and justly amongst all of my children in Witness where of I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 23rd day of December One thousand eight hundred and forty four.

                                                            Obediah Ferrell (x) his mark

Joseph Pollock
James Pollock

M Joseph Pollock and James Pollock witnesses to this last will and testment of Obediah Ferrell late of the County of Richmond and State of Ohio being duly Sworn in this Court depose and say that we saw said Ferrell sign said will and that in signing it does identify as his signment and in his presence and that said Ferrell was of full age and sound mind and memory and under no restraint.

Subscribed in the presence of me.  April 12, 1845 (indecipherable) E.L.Clerk

Sarah Ferrell was appointed Executrix of Obediah's Will, with a bond of $700.00 and securities recorded as John Musser and Hugh Davis.  Nicholas Masters, Joseph Pollock and James Short appointed to appraise his personal property.  Sarah died before the final accounting.  Thereafter John and Obediah Jr. were appointed Administrators of Obediah's Estate.  His personal estate was appraised on November 23rd, 1847, and in keeping with Court Order was sold in December, 1847.  
The appraisal suggests a comfortable standard of living, with six beds, bed curtains, window curtains, silver pieces, an "Ambose" Bible, 2 hymnals and other books, a clock, a lot of wool yarn, many hogs, horses, cattle, a hive of bees,  table linens, two spinning wheels, two waggons and one carriage, two fanning mills, and a 'rifle gunn,' as well as much corn, hay, oats, and 14 acres of wheat in the ground.  Obediah Jr, bought most of the goods, with Sarah also buying a considerable number of items appropriate to a widow.  Son Lance Ferrell bought the 'rifle gunn'.  Four individuals owed him notes, probably for farm goods delivered.

No final accounting or distribution of assets could be found.

According to the History of Ashland Co.,  G.W. Hill, M.D., pub. 1880, the first organized congregation of a religious society was within the present limits of Montgomery township, composed largely of the residents of Milton Twp.   This listing was under 'Presbyterian'.   It was organized by the settlers of 1815-1816 who were descendants of the Scotch-Irish, mostly from western Pennsylvania.  Among the first 43 members was Obediah Ferrell.  In 1819 a hewn log church, 35x30 feet, was erected 1 1/2 miles west of Uniontown, now Ashland, on what is now the Olivesburg Road. " They had two excellent singers, who were chosen to conduct the music.  They were stationed near the pulpit, on  a platform, where they read two lines of a psalm or hymn, and sang, and the congregation joining as the leaders proceeded to read and sing."  These services - reading and singing, and preaching - began about ten o'clock in the forenoon, and continued until about twelve o'clock, when there was a  recess, after which the services were renewed for one or two hours....  It was not uncommon at that period, for members and others to ride or walk three or four miles, along the forest paths, to attend day and evening meetings."
Children of Sarah Lance and Obediah Ferrell are:
+     11     i.     James Andrew3 Ferrell, born November 11, 1807 in Hanover Twp. Beaver Co., Pa. Pennsylvania; died September 16, 1876 in Custar, Ohio.
+     12     ii.     William Ferrell, born 1812 in Beaver Co. Pa.; died 1880 in Ashland Co., Ohio.
+     13     iii.     John Ferrell, born May 22, 1816 in Beaver Co., Pa; died June 03, 1893 in Ashland, Ohio.
+     14     iv.     George Washington Ferrell, born January 10, 1828 in Ashland, Ohio; died March 30, 1899 in Richland Co., Ohio.
+     15     v.     Lance Ferrell, born August 19, 1829 in Milton Twp, Ohio; died July 07, 1901 in Ashland, Ohio.
     16     vi.     Sarah Ferrell, born Abt. 1824 in Ashland, Ohio; died November 21, 1874 in Ashland, Ohio.  She married Alexander McMillan March 29, 1849 in Ashland, Ohio, Vol. 1, pg. 209; born Abt. 1819 in Ohio; died September 20, 1878 in Ashland Co., Ohio.

Notes for Sarah Ferrell:
1850 Census for Butler Twp. spells the name McMullen.

Stone in Wallace Cemetery, NW 1/4 Sec. 34 SW corner CR 1009 and CR 1353 across from South Clear Creek Cemetery,  McMillen, Sarah W/O A. A. d. Nov. 21, 1874 50y 9m 10d.

More About Sarah Ferrell:
Burial: Unknown, Wallace Cemetery, Ashland Co., Ohio

Notes for Alexander McMillan:
Alex McMillen was in Weller Twp., Richland Co., Ohio Census, 1850, pg. 272B. 1850 Census for Alexander McMullen and Sarah in Butler twp.

More About Alexander McMillan:
Burial: September 20, 1878, Clearcreek Cemetery (Disciples Church)

+     17     vii.     Elizabeth Ferrell, born Abt. 1818 in Milton Twp. Ashland Co., Ohio; died September 22, 1874 in Ganges, Richland Co., Ohio.
+     18     viii.     Mary Ann Ferrell, born January 15, 1820 in Ashland, Ohio; died November 12, 1898 in Galion Ohio.
+     19     ix.     Peter Ferrell, born July 1809 in Beaver Co., Pa.; died October 18, 1871 in Cass Twp. Richland Co., Ohio.
     20     x.     Jackson Ferrell, born 1817 in Richland Co., Ohio; died December 05, 1879 in Richland Co., Ohio.

Notes for Jackson Ferrell:
For further research:  There is a Jackson Ferrell who appears in a collection of lawyer's papers in the archives of West Virginia.  It has to do with a bill for transportation on the Ohio River in 1855.  The company was Donelly and sons.

Jackson Ferrell worked for the Ohio R. Company when he died of consumption on Dec. 5, 1879, at age 63.  He was single, lived in Rome, Ohio.   Record of Deaths, Vol. 1, 1867-1890. LDS Film #0,398,733, page 164, says he was a farmer by occupation.

An entry in the Final Accounting for the Estate of his brother Peter, dated August 30, 1879, show receipt of $40.00 from the Estate of J. Ferrell.  This could only be from Jackson's Estate if one of these dates is wrong.

     21     xi.     Obediah Ferrell, born Abt. 1815 in Pennsylvania; died Bef. 1876.

Notes for Obediah Ferrell:
Census for Milton Twp., Richland Co., Ohio shows him living with brother Washington Ferrell, Elizabeth (Washington's wife) and Lydia Berlin, (Washington's mother-in-law). Dob for Obediah is 1815, place is Pennsylvania.  He is a cooper.

An entry into the Final Accounting for the Estate of his brother Peter shows receipt of $413.25 on April 13, 1876, from the Estate of O. Ferrell.  If Obediah died intestate and without heirs this would be his brother's legacy according to law.  It would establish Obediah's death at before April 13, 1876.

     4.  Samuel2 Lance (Peter1) was born November 08, 1794, and died 1878 in Beaver Co., Pa..  He married Lydia Jane Brubaker April 1843 in Richland Co., Ohio.  She was born 1810, and died April 01, 1892 in Beaver Co., Pa..

Notes for Samuel Lance:
This from Lance family data as compiled by Gilmore and Schabacker

Samuel had moved to Hanover Township, Beaver County, after 1830 and before 1840.  His oldest two sons, John and James were born in Ohio.  He had four children.  None of them ever married, therefore he has no known descendants.  The four children, Samuel and his wife Lydia are all buried together in Mount Olivit Presbyterian Cemetery, Hopewell Township, Beaver County, Pa.

Abraham was the last descendant to die.  His Will left his estate to all living descendants of Samuel's three brothers, Christopher, Abraham and Peter.

More About Samuel Lance:
Buried Mt. Olivet Presby: Beaver co., Pa.

Notes for Lydia Jane Brubaker:
Name possibly Leah Brubaker

More About Lydia Jane Brubaker:
Bur. Mt. Olivet Pres. Cem: Beaver Co., Pa.
Children of Samuel Lance and Lydia Brubaker are:
     22     i.     Harriet3 Lance, born October 27, 1847 in Ashland, Ohio; died October 27, 1848 in Ashland, Ohio.

Notes for Harriet Lance:
Never married.

More About Harriet Lance:
Burial: October 1848, Brubaker or Whistler Cem. Ashland

     23     ii.     Henry Lance, born Abt. 1845; died Unknown.

Notes for Henry Lance:
Never married.

     24     iii.     Catherine A. Lance, born Abt. 1846; died Unknown.

Notes for Catherine A. Lance:
Never married.

     25     iv.     Benjamin F. Lance, born Abt. 1850; died Unknown.

Notes for Benjamin F. Lance:
Never married.

     26     v.     Mary M. Lance, born Abt. 1853; died Unknown.
     27     vi.     Albert W. Lance, born Abt. 1856; died Unknown.
     28     vii.     Fannie E. Lance, born Abt. 1859; died Unknown.

     5.  Christopher2 Lance (Peter1) was born Abt. 1794 in Beaver Co., Pa., and died August 17, 1877 in Independence Twp., Beaver Co., Pa..  He married Elizabeth LNU.  She was born Abt. 1806 in Ohio, and died Unknown.

Notes for Christopher Lance:
Dob for "Father" on tombstone in Presbyterian Church Cemetery, assumed to be Christopher gives 11-28-94.  Estate was filed in 1878

Notes for Elizabeth LNU:
dob for "Mother" on tombstone in Presbyterian Church Cemetery, assumed to be Elizabeth gives dod 1893
Children of Christopher Lance and Elizabeth LNU are:
     29     i.     Nancy3 Lance, born 1826 in Milton Twp. Richland Co., Ohio; died Unknown.
+     30     ii.     Catherine Lance, born 1828 in Milton Twp. Richland Co., Ohio; died Unknown.
+     31     iii.     Peter Lance, born 1830 in Milton Twp. Richland Co., Ohio; died Unknown in Hanover Twp., Beaver Co., Pa..
+     32     iv.     John C. Lance, born 1833 in Milton Twp., Richland Co., Ohio; died Unknown.
     33     v.     Abraham Lance, born 1835; died Unknown.
+     34     vi.     Sarah Lance, born 1837 in Milton Twp. Richland Co., Ohio; died Unknown.
+     35     vii.     William Lance, born April 04, 1839 in Milton Twp., Richland County, Ohio; died March 14, 1917 in Toronto, Jefferson County, Ohio.
     36     viii.     James C. Lance, born 1841 in Ohio; died 1921 in Hanover Twp., Beaver Co., PA.

More About James C. Lance:
Burial: Unknown, Mt. Olivet Presby. Cemetery, Hanover Twp., Beavr Co., PA

+     37     ix.     Henry John Lance, born November 08, 1844 in Clinton, Independence Twp. Beaver Co., PA; died February 19, 1909.
+     38     x.     David Milton Lance, born September 17, 1847 in Independence Twp., Beaver Co., PA; died April 02, 1892 in Beaver Falls, Beaver Co., PA.

     6.  Susan2 Lance (Peter1) was born Unknown, and died Unknown.  She married Samuel Link.  He died Unknown.

Notes for Susan Lance:
Biography of Ralph L. Thomas, History of DeKalb Co., Indiana, B.F. Bowed & Company, Inc. 1914. pps 492-495, shows Susan Lantz as wife of Samuel Link.  Holmes Link sold part of Lance land to James Ferrell, Jr., 1856.  Unknown which is husband to Susan Lance/Lantz -  Samuel Link, or John Garvis.
Children of Susan Lance and Samuel Link are:
     39     i.     Jemima3 Link, born 1844 in Ashland, Ohio; died Unknown.  She married David F. Thomas; died Unknown.
     40     ii.     Holmes Link, died Unknown.

     7.  Elizabeth2 Lance (Peter1) was born September 28, 1790 in Beaver Co., Pa., and died July 26, 1864 in Congress Twp. Richland Co., Ohio.  She married David Parks 1808 in Beaver Co., Pa., son of Robert Parks.  He was born 1790 in Pennsylvania, and died 1837 in Congress Twp. Richland Co., Ohio.

Notes for Elizabeth Lance:
Congress Twp. became part of Morrow County in 1848

More About Elizabeth Lance:
Bur.: Pleasant Grove. Cem. Morrow Co., Ohio
Burial: Unknown, Pleasant Grove Cem. Morrow Co., Ohio

Notes for David Parks:
The information on this family is furnished by Janet Rhodebeck, of Bellville, Ohio, 1989, in History of Morrow County, pg 85

David Parks moved from Pennsylvania to Ohio with his wife sometime prior to 1820.  They first settled in Mifflin Twp., Richland County, later Congress Twp.  It became part of Morrow county in 1848.  David was buried on the family farm in Congress Twp.  Called Mt. Gilead, Edison, Ohio.  An additional note from Janet Rhodebeck says "They first settled in Mifflin Twp., later moving to the NE corner of S 14 of Congress Twp which became park of Morrow Co. when it was formed in 1848.  David Parks was an early settler here, dying Apr 28, 1834 and his remains rest on the little hillock where he camped the first night on his farm.  His wife Elizabeth died in 1864 at the age of 73.  She is buried at Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Morrow Co. near the site of the family farm."

He may have been brother to an unknown Parks who married Elizabeth Ferrell, sister of Obediah Ferrell, his brother-in-law.

More About David Parks:
Burial: Unknown, Mt. Gilead, Ohio
Children of Elizabeth Lance and David Parks are:
+     41     i.     Margaret3 Parks, born March 05, 1808 in Beaver Co., Pa.; died August 10, 1868 in Kosciusko Co., Indiana.
+     42     ii.     John Parks, born September 17, 1811; died September 14, 1870 in Morrow Co., Ohio.
+     43     iii.     Marie Parks, born 1812; died Aft. 1880.
+     44     iv.     Thomas H. Parks, born February 16, 1816; died May 28, 1882.
+     45     v.     Matilda Parks, born July 14, 1819 in Mt. Gilead, Morrow Co., Ohio; died January 09, 1844 in Morrow County, Ohio.
+     46     vi.     Perry Parks, born May 11, 1822 in Ohio; died September 05, 1888 in Morrow County, Ohio.
+     47     vii.     Elizabeth Parks, born 1825; died Unknown.
+     48     viii.     Jackson Parks, born November 08, 1827 in Ashland co., Ohio; died September 15, 1898 in Morrow Co., Ohio.
+     49     ix.     Caroline Parks, born 1831; died Unknown.
     50     x.     Lavina Parks, born 1833; died Unknown.  She married Jacob Willour October 11, 1864; born Unknown; died Unknown.

Notes for Jacob Willour:
Another file, contributed by another researcher say her spouse is James Willouer.

     8.  Abraham2 Lance (Peter1) was born 1796 in Beaver Co., Pa., and died April 06, 1886 in Beaver Co., Pa..  He married Mary Magdalena Strauss.  She was born October 12, 1795, and died February 23, 1860 in Beaver Co., Pa..

Notes for Abraham Lance:
From compilation by Becky Gilmore and Jerilyn Schabacker.

Abraham had moved to Hanover Township, Beaver County, Pa., sometime after 1820 and before 1840.  He was a farmer and had four known children.  Two, Simon and Sarah, died as children.  Elizabeth was the only child who had children.  She had one son, Abraham Lance Latham.

Simon and Sarah are buried with their mother.  Abraham, his two daughters, and one son-in-law are all buried together.  After the Civil War sentiments ran very high regarding how the people of the South should be treated.  Abraham had a falling-out with whomever owned the cemetery where Simon, Sarah and his wife were buried.  Therefore he started his own cemetery.  Since that time the two cemeteries have been combined forming the Hopewell-Hebron Cemetery.  Simon, Sarah and Mary Magdalina are buried on one hill.  The tombstones are in very poor condition.  Abraham, his two daughters and son-in-law are buried on another hill.  A small valley separates the two hills.  It is obvious that they were separate at one time.  This information was written by Abraham Lance Latham to a family member sometime ago.

More About Abraham Lance:
Burial: Unknown, Hopewell Hebron Cem.  Beaver Co.

Notes for Mary Magdalena Strauss:
A note on the papers of Barbara Lance "A question might arise in your mind as to why my grandmother is not buried by my grandfather.  During the Civil War feeling bacame so strong betwen Republicans and Democrats that she latter left old Hopewell church and built Hebron.  My grandmother was already departed (I think about 1860) and buried in Hopewell and I did not remove her."

More About Mary Magdalena Strauss:
Bur.: Hopewell Hebron Cem.  Beaver co., Pa.
Children of Abraham Lance and Mary Strauss are:
+     51     i.     Elizabeth3 Lance, born November 15, 1828; died March 03, 1887 in Washington Co., Pa..
     52     ii.     Barbara Lance, born October 14, 1830; died 1909 in Beaver County, Pa..  She married Finley Ferguson August 23, 1860; died Unknown.

More About Barbara Lance:
Burial: Unknown, Hebron Cemetery

     53     iii.     Sarah Lance, born Unknown; died Unknown.

Notes for Sarah Lance:
Died in infancy.

     54     iv.     Simon Lance, born 1836; died February 02, 1841 in Beaver County., Pa..

     9.  Peter2 Lance (Peter1) was born Abt. 1800 in Beaver Co., Pa., and died August 24, 1850 in Hanover Twp., Beaver Co., Pa..  He married Jane Nicholson.  She was born Unknown in Pennsylvania, and died March 27, 1857 in Hanover Twp., Beaver Co., Pa..

Notes for Peter Lance:
Peter's first wife was Martha Strouss, according to some family records.  It is believed that Martha possibly was the mother of Peter's first four children: Henry T, Elizabeth S, Mary, and Abraham.  Until further proof is found this marriage is herein recorded in Notes for further research.  No records have been found for either marriage of Peter.

More About Peter Lance:
Burial: Unknown, Hopewell Presb. Cem., Findley Twp. Allegheny Co., PA

Notes for Jane Nicholson:
Files from other Lance family members show a birth date for Jane Nicholson, 1812.  If her first daughter,  Elizabeth, was born in 1821 (March 22), as those same records show, then she was 11 years old at that time.  I have chosen to list the children's birth dates as recorded on those files, and to further research a date of birth for Jane.  Probably was born 1802.

More About Jane Nicholson:
Burial: Unknown, Hopewell Presb. Cem., Findlay Twp. Alleghany Co., PA
Children of Peter Lance and Jane Nicholson are:
+     55     i.     Henry T.3 Lance, born Unknown; died Unknown.
+     56     ii.     Elizabeth S. Lance, born March 22, 1821 in Hanover Twp., Beaver Co., Pa.; died May 02, 1871 in Raccoon Twp., Beaver Co., Pa..
+     57     iii.     Mary Lance, born May 15, 1821 in Beaver County, Pa.; died December 01, 1868 in Burns Twp. Henry County, Illinois.
+     58     iv.     Abraham Lance, born 1827 in Travis Creek, Beaver County, Pa.; died February 18, 1903.
+     59     v.     Eleanor Lance, born 1830 in Hanover Twp., Beaver County, Pa.; died Unknown.
+     60     vi.     Emelina Lance, born 1832 in Hanover Twp., Beaver Co., Pa.; died February 21, 1880 in Raccoon Twp., Beaver Co., Pa..
     61     vii.     Perminda Lance, born 1835 in Hanover Twp., Beaver County, Pa.; died Unknown.
     62     viii.     Addison Lance, born 1835 in Hanover Twp., Beaver County, Pa>; died November 03, 1901 in Hanover Twp., Beaver County, Pa..  He married (1) Mary Jane Stephens; born 1846; died July 26, 1878 in Hanover Twp., Beaver County, Pa..  He married (2) Mary Charlotte LNU; born Unknown; died Unknown.

Notes for Addison Lance:
Addison Lance enlisted in the Army of the U.S. at age age of 25.  The Civil War was just beginning.  He was in the 140th PA, Infantry.  He was a Sgt in Company H., promoted to 1st Lieut on December 11, 1864, Mustered out on May 31, 1865.  He returned to Beaver County to become a farmer.

More About Addison Lance:
Burial: Unknown, Frankfort Springs, Beaver Co., Pa.

More About Mary Jane Stephens:
Burial: Unknown, Frankfort Springs, Beavr Co., Pa.

     63     ix.     Jane Lance, born 1838 in Hanover Twp., Beaver County, Pa.; died Unknown.  She married George Boyd 1880; born March 07, 1824 in Boyd Farm, Hanover Twp., Beaver Co., Pa.; died Unknown.
+     64     x.     Sarah Lance, born 1840 in Hanover Twp., Beaver Co., Pa.; died 1915 in Beaver Co., Pa..
     65     xi.     Theresa Lance, born 1843 in Hanover Twp., Beaver Co., Pa.; died Unknown.
+     66     xii.     William M. Lance, born 1847 in Hanover Twp., Beaver Co., Pa.; died 1916.
     67     xiii.     Madison Lance, born 1848 in Hanover Twp., Beaver Co., Pa.; died Unknown.

Notes for Madison Lance:
Name of spouse unknown,  Is known to have had one son, Homer, and one daughter, name unknown.

     10.  Mary2 Lance (Peter1) was born Unknown, and died Aft. 1818.  She married Alexander Reed.  He was born Unknown, and died Unknown.

Notes for Mary Lance:
The Lance daughter, Mary, is added to the listing of the children of Peter and Eleanor Lance from the files of Mrs. Janet Rhodebeck, 7750 Country Road, Bellville, Ohio.

Notes for Alexander Reed:
Peter Reed signed a Quit Claim dated September 22, 1836, to the parcel of land which was sold to Sarah Lance Ferrell's son James.

History of Belmont, Jefferson Counties, Vol. I Ch XXI, page 328 says moved to Richland/Ashland counties about 1815, then to Wayne County, then to Kosciusko Co., Indiana.  Short article on William Reed.   "The Reeds are of Irish extraction.  The grandfather or William migrated from Ireland and located in Beaver County, Pensylvania, where he died in 1835, at the age of eighty.  William was born near Hookstown, Beaver county, in 1812.  His parents were Alexander and Mary Reed (nee Lance).  Alexander was a farmer, who removed to a portion of Richland county, now a part of Ashland county, Ohio, in 1815, then to Wayne County, Ohio, and finally Kosciusko Co., Indiana, where he died in 1861, at the age of eighty.  He was twice married; first to Mary Lance who died when William was an infant, and second to Cassander Keyes, who is living though over ninety years of age, in Kosciusko Co.
Children of Mary Lance and Alexander Reed are:
     68     i.     Peter3 Reed, born Abt. 1809; died Unknown.
     69     ii.     William Reed, born 1812 in Hookstown, Pa.; died Unknown.