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Descendants of Peter Lance

Generation No. 1

     1.  Peter1 Lance was born Abt. 1759, and died Bef. 1833 in Milton Twp. Richland Co., Ohio.  He married Eleanor Lance.  She was born Unknown, and died Aft. 1833 in Probably Beaver Co., PA..

Notes for Peter Lance:
Peter Lance appears in the 1800 Census for Washington Co., Pa., Peters Twp. as follows:
1 male under 10
1 male 10-15
1 male 26-44
4 females under 10
1 female 16-15
1 female 26-44

Peter Lance appears in the 1810 Census for Beaver County, Pa. Second Moon Twp. as follows:
1 male under 10
4 males 16-25
1 male 45 and over
1 female 26-44

He bought a tract of 73 acres, 18 perches, for 45 Lbs. from James Hazen and his wife Eleanor under an Indenture dated April 24, 1800.   This land was Patented to William Harsha by the State of Pennsylvania March 2, 1798 (See Pa. Patent Book 33, pages 548,) and conveyed to Henry Kuykendall in Dec. 1798, who conveyed to James Hazen on December 4, 1798.  See Book A-1, page 507)

An Indenture dated June 22, 1807, found in Book 2, page 115, conveys the above 73 acres 18 perches from Peter Lance to Hezekiah Wallace for $150.00.  Note that there was no relenquishment of dower rights by a wife, suggesting that Peter may have been a widower at that time.  Peter's grandson, Peter Ferrell did name a daughter Elanor.  No other children have daughters named Eleanor, but several have daughters named Sarah.  However, Peter Lance also appears in Shenango Twp. for Census 1810 where  A female between ages 26 to 44 appears on his Census.  This could be his wife, Eleanor.

Transcribed census shows Peter Lance in Census for Milton Twp., Richland Co., Ohio for 1820, although I have been unable to find him on the original image in that record.

Peter Lance appears in the Richland County, Ohio Census, 1830, Milton Twp., pg. 128, Line 11.  He is over 70 and less than 80 years of age.  From this his date of birth is estimated at 1759.  Since his wife's age is listed between 50 and 60, it is thought that she may not be the mother of all Peter's recorded children.

Peter Lance appears in 1805 Tax list, Hanover Twp., Beaver Co., Pa.:   73 acres, 2 cows, 2 horses.
Peter Lance appears in 1815 Tax list, Hanover Twp., Beaver Co., Pa.:  100 acres, 2 horses, 1 cow.

For some of the information on Peter and Eleanor Lance's family we are indebted to Becky Gilmore, Jerilyn Schabacker,  Nikki Lance, Janet Rhodebeck, Mitzi Bame and Sandy Lance Andrews, all descendants of Peter Lance.

Peter and Eleanor Lance moved from Beaver County, Pa. to Milton Twp. Ohio (now a part of Ashland County), sometime before 1820, with their four sons and daughter and son-in-law.  Peter died before April 11th, in 1833 in Milton Twp., Richland County, Ohio.  Admin. papers to be found Vol. 12, pps 436-440,  Richland County.

Eleanor Lance, his widow, was appointed Administratrix of his Estate on April 11th, 1833.  He died intestate. Henry Lance also was Admin. On May 25th, 1833 she filed with the Court of Richland County, an appraisement, set-off and sale of his personal property.  Sales of interest were:

Jacob Lance (Peter's son) books, clock, lots of bacon, onions, sled, haystack.
David Parks (son-in-law), steel yards, table.
Isaac Taylor (later husband of grand daughter Elizabeth Ferrell) hatchet, cow.
Peter Ferrell (grandson) silver watch.  Except for a cow and a colt, this was the most costly item sold.
Obediah Ferrell (son-in-law) set of crockery.
Christopher Lance (son) flat iron, bee hive.
John McMillan (probably father of later husband ((Alexander)) of grand daughter Sarah Ferrell McMillan), cups, crockery, knives, kettle, spider (trivet).
Holmes Link (probably grandson, son of Peter's daughter Susannah, who married Samuel Link,) clock.
Johnathan Markley(sic).  Another probable grandson whose mother was Peter's daughter Susannah.
Eleanor Lance, Peter's wife bought back a white mare and a barrel of salt.

Notes for Eleanor Lance:
There are no known children named Eleanor, although Peter's youngest son Peter named a daughter, born 1830, Eleanor.   Nothing is known of Eleanor after the death of Peter Lance.
Children of Peter Lance and Eleanor Lance are:
+     2     i.     Sarah2 Lance, born Abt. 1785; died December 1847 in Ashland, Ohio.
     3     ii.     Jacob Lance, born Unknown; died Unknown.

Notes for Jacob Lance:
There is a marriage on record in Richland Co., Ohio, dated February, 1848, for Jacob Lantz and Maria Bear.  Unknown if this is the same as Jacob Lance.

+     4     iii.     Samuel Lance, born November 08, 1794; died 1878 in Beaver Co., Pa..
+     5     iv.     Christopher Lance, born Abt. 1794 in Beaver Co., Pa.; died August 17, 1877 in Independence Twp., Beaver Co., Pa..
+     6     v.     Susan Lance, born Unknown; died Unknown.
+     7     vi.     Elizabeth Lance, born September 28, 1790 in Beaver Co., Pa.; died July 26, 1864 in Congress Twp. Richland Co., Ohio.
+     8     vii.     Abraham Lance, born 1796 in Beaver Co., Pa.; died April 06, 1886 in Beaver Co., Pa..
+     9     viii.     Peter Lance, born Abt. 1800 in Beaver Co., Pa.; died August 24, 1850 in Hanover Twp., Beaver Co., Pa..
+     10     ix.     Mary Lance, born Unknown; died Aft. 1818.