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Generation No. 6

     122.  Mary6 Latimer (George5, William4, George3, George2, Arthur1) was born 1867 in Bloomingrove Twp., Richland Co., Ohio, and died 1950.  She married Elza Martin February 11, 1885 in Bloomingrove Twp., Richland Co., Oh, son of Moses Martin and Ellen Craig.  He died Unknown.

Notes for Mary Latimer:
Mary was famous for her crotcheting, knitting, tatting and quilting.  As late as 1901 many of her pieces could be found in homes around the Shiloh area.

Notes for Elza Martin:
Elza farmed in Bloomingrove Twp., and around Butler, Shiloh, Richland Co., Ohio

Marriage Notes for Mary Latimer and Elza Martin:
Marriage performed by Rev. Frank Rusell

More About Elza Martin and Mary Latimer:
Marriage: February 11, 1885, Bloomingrove Twp., Richland Co., Oh
Children of Mary Latimer and Elza Martin are:
+     151     i.     Florence Euphemia7 Martin, born 1881 in Bloomingrove Twp., Ricchland Co., Oh; died 1951.
+     152     ii.     George Martin, born 1886 in Bloomingrove Twp., Richland Co., Ohio; died 1963.

     124.  Sarah Ellen6 Warden (Elizabeth Jane5 Latimer, William4, George3, George2, Arthur1) was born August 14, 1856 in Dixon, Ill., and died February 05, 1938 in Ness City, Kansas.  She married Lorin Ferrell December 27, 1876, son of John Ferrell and Eliza Gries.  He was born December 25, 1851 in Adario?, Richland Co., Ohio, and died October 14, 1909 in Utica, Kansas.

Notes for Sarah Ellen Warden:
Obituary of Sarah Ellen Warden Ferrell, February 7, 1938:  Mrs. Ella Ferrell Died Saturday
Was Pioneer Settler of Ness County, Coming Here in 1879.
Homesteaded Near Utica
Judge Peters Honored Pioneer Mother in Fine Eulogy

The death of Mrs. Ella Ferrell last Saturday brought to a close the life of another Ness County Pioneer.  Mrs. Ferrell came here with her husband in 1879, settling near Utica, and has made the county her home ever since.

Mrs. Ferrell was particularly well known for her many Motherly kindnesses to an unusually large circle of friends both in the Utica community and in the Ness City community, who mourn her passing.

The Ferrell family and the Peters family were neighbors for many years at Utica and because of the closeness of the two families Judge Lorin T. Peters was requested by the family to prepare the life history and to deliver it at the funeral service.  The sentiment of the eulogy he gave is so fitting that it is being used as the usual obituary and appears elsewhere in the paper.

Six sons and two daughters survive Mrs. Ferrell, all but one of whom, Rolla I. Ferrell, was present for the funeral services.  These were Mrs. E. B. Brenemen and her husband and daughter, Kathryn,, of Goodland; John D. Ferrell and wife of Wichita; Donald E. Ferrell of Salt Lake City;  W.E. Ferrell, his wife and daughter, Eunice, of Tribune; Ray W. Ferrell of Anaconda, Mont, and his daughter and her son, Mrs. Ralph Butler and Frank, of Council Grove.  Lorin T. Ferrell and family and Miss Eva Ferrell of Ness City, Mr. and Mrs. Brenemen of Hutchinson were also present.

Funeral Services were held Monday conducted by Rev. Miller of the Christian church of Dighton.  Burial was made at Utica

Here are notes from Caryn Ferrell Landis, 1997

Sarah Ellen Warden Ferrell was known by the name of Ella.  She was born near Dixon, IL.  She married Lorin Ferrell in 1876 and they moved to Ness City KS in 1879.   She bore 9 children, eight of whom grew to be adult.  In addition to caring for her own famly she was often called on to help others less fortunate.  In those early days she went by horse and buggy to visit the sick.  She was active in the Christian church, Rebekah Lodge and American Legion Auxiliary.

Photographs show that she was beautiful as a young woman.  I remember her as my tall, elegant, white-haired Grandma Ferrell in the 1930's.  When I visited her for a week each summer I always found the year's worth of 'funny papers' in the basement.  That was one way she entertained grandchildren.  She and I used to have afternoon 'tea' also.  Mine was just milk and sugar in warm water accompanied by her oatmeal and raisin cookies.

One winter during the depression we lived with her.  As it happened both she and I came down with pneumonia and my mother, her daughter in law, was kept busy caring for us.  There was no inside toilet so the work included emplying 'slop jars.'  There was a windmill and water was piped into the kitchen.  As a seven year old I thought the best thing about her house was the stained glass window in the dining room.  In the winter food was kept cold on the screened in back porch.  Her fancy refrigerator wirh coils on top was disconnected and used as a storage place for National Geographic magazines.  During summer she connected it and sometimes had lemonade in it.
Grandma's favorite poem was "Sunset and Evening Star'.  It was read at her funeral February 1938.

Notes for Lorin Ferrell:
Lorin Ferrell appears on the June, 1880 Census for Ness County, Twp. 16, Range 26.  He filed land patents on two 1/2 section parcels at the WaKeeney Land Office, which opened its doors on October 20, 1879.  Date of Record was May 12, 1886.  A map (date unknown) shows his ownership of three quarter sections, and his sister, Louretta Ferrell, with ownership of another quarter section adjoining Lorin's, suggesting that Louretta purchased one quarter section from Lorin, after 1886.  On this same map, near, but not adjoining Lorin and Louretta's parcels, is a quarter section owned by W. El. Ferrell, which if it was owned by Lorin's oldest son, Willard Elva, would have to have been purchased at some later date, as Willard was born in 1877.

 'Ness, Western County, Kansas' published in 1955 in Detroit, Michigan, Millbrook Printing. Co., by Minnie Dobbs Millbrook,  states that Lorin Ferrell was one of the original settlers of Utica, and it was he who suggested the name "Ohio Township" which was accepted by the other settlers  in Twp. 16.  He arrived in Ness County with his wife and oldest son, Willard, in 1879.  He and W.C. Bell, established a Post Office in 1880, and named it Utica, for Mr. Bell's New York hometown.  In May of 1880, in partnership with J. B. Driggs, he built a stone building for the post office and a small general store.  From 'Early History of Utica,'  Ness Co. News, May 23, 1925:   "The Utica postoffice was started in 1880 with Lorin Ferrell as first postmaster.  He held the office in a small storeroom on the northwest quarter section 27-16-26....When Mr. Ferrell sold out and moved to Iowa the office was moved to the sod residence of Wilson Killingbeck, who was then made postmaster".  Two girls, Eva Anna (born 1880) and Ina Alberta (1882) were born before their removal to Iowa.   This date might have been about  1884, as Raymond Warden Ferrell, fourth child of Lorin, was born in Rose Hill, Iowa, on February 22, 1885, at the home of Samuel Clark Warden, Lorin's Father-in-Law.  They stayed with Sarah Ellen Warden's parents for two years.  Within three years, January 23, 1888, he was back in Utica where his fifth child, Roland Irving Ferrell was born.
He served as County Clerk from 1900 to 1905.

The Ashland Press, of Ashland, Ohio,  September 22, 1909, page 4, column 6.
Mr. and Mrs. Lon Ferrel, of Kansas, who left Ohio 30 years ago, spent several days last week at the home of Jeff Claberg.  A number of his old friends and neighbors gathered in to see him as he is quite ill with tuberculosis.  Florence's Note:  Jeff Clayberg's wife was Lorin's cousin, Almira Ferrell.

From Ashland Press, Ashland, Ohio, October 20, 1909, page 4, column 3.
Lorin Ferrel, of Kansas, who visited here about a month ago, died at his home Wednesday with tuberculosis.

Number 1632, Book 16, page 422.

Lorin Ferrell died intestate.  His wife, Ella Ferrell waived her right to be appointed Administratrix in favor of daughter Eva A. Ferrell on October 23, 1909.  Petition for her appointment  by his heirs over the age of 21 signed October, ? 1909.  They included Ella Ferrell, W.E. Ferrell, Ray W. Ferrell and R.I. Ferrell. Her final report was made December 4, 1914, when she was ordered to distribute funds belonging to the heirs and was discharged as Admin'x.  Wife's amount was $1027.16.  Each child received $128.39.  At the time of final accounting his estate showed real estate Lots 1 and 2, Blk 125 Calhouns 2nd Addition to Ness City, Kansas.  The Estate included 19 horses, 2 cows, 2 hogs, and 3 shoats, quantities of hay, corn and straw, 50 books, a Certificate of Deposit and several notes from individuals who owed him money.  Total value of Estate $9760.71

More About Lorin Ferrell and Sarah Warden:
Marriage: December 27, 1876
Children of Sarah Warden and Lorin Ferrell are:
+     153     i.     Willard Elva7 Ferrell, born October 04, 1877 in Olivesburg, Ohio; died 1955 in Orange, California.
     154     ii.     Eva Anna Ferrell, born December 10, 1880 in Utica, Kansas; died December 27, 1972 in Ness City, Kansas, Ness City Kansas Cemetery.

Notes for Eva Anna Ferrell:
Birth order and birth dates of children of Lorin and Sarah Ferrell proved by certified copy of family Bible in the possession of Eva Ferrell, by Floyd and Floyd, bonded and licenced Abstractors in County of Ness, State of Kansas, April 12, 1960.

Eva Ferrell was unmarried.  She served as County Clerk from 1909 to 1911, replacing her father Lorin who died in 1909.  She was  later Treasurer (five times) for Ness County.  She had the respect and affection of the entire community when she died at age 92 years, 17 days.

She was appointed Admin. of her father's estate in Utica Kansas, October 14, 1909. kept books for the family farming operation.

Obituary from Ness County News:  Date unknown

Eva Ferrell
Ness City -  Eva Ferrell, 92, died Wednesday at Hadley Regional Medical Center, Hays, after a long illness.  Born Dec. 10, 1880, at Utica, she was a retired Ness County clerk and treasurer and a lifeime resident here.
She was a member of the Presbyterian Church, Hays; past matron of OES, Ness City; American Legion Auxiliary; Federated Women's Club.
Survivors include a brother; Lorin Ferrell, Ness City; sister:  Mrs. Alberta Brenemen, Hays.
Funeral will be 2 p.m. Friday at the Fitzgerald Funeral Home, Ness City; Rev. Merlin Norman.  Burial will be in Utica Cemetery.  Friends may call until service time at the funeral home.  The family suggests memorials to the American Heart Association.

+     155     iii.     Ina Alberta Ferrell, born November 06, 1882 in Utica,Ness Co., Kansas; died Unknown.
+     156     iv.     Raymond Warden Ferrell, born February 22, 1885 in Rose Hill Iowa; died January 22, 1959.
+     157     v.     Roland Irving Ferrell, born January 23, 1888 in Ness City, Ks. USA; died September 21, 1961 in Saint George, Utah.
     158     vi.     Infant Daughter Ferrell, born July 29, 1890 in Utica, Ness Co., Kansas; died Unknown.
+     159     vii.     John Dwight Ferrell, born March 21, 1892 in Utica, Kansas; died January 14, 1966 in Utica Cemetery, Utica, Kansas..
+     160     viii.     Donald Edwin Ferrell, born March 20, 1895 in Ness City, Ks, USA; died November 09, 1969.
+     161     ix.     Lorin Bright Ferrell, born August 16, 1899 in Ness City, Kansas; died October 13, 1976 in Ness City, Kansas.

     132.  George Allen6 Gilger (Margery Ann5 Latimer, William4, George3, George2, Arthur1) was born December 05, 1877 in Blooming Grove Twp. Richland Co., Ohio, and died December 26, 1939 in Greenwich, Ohio.  He married Lena Gladys Schambs July 19, 1911, daughter of George Schambs and Ethel Douglass.  She was born October 06, 1890 in Shiloh, Richland Co., Ohio, and died October 31, 1985 in Ashland, Ashland co., Ohio.

Notes for George Allen Gilger:
Was a painter and public school teacher.  Also worked for railroads.

More About George Gilger and Lena Schambs:
Marriage: July 19, 1911
Children of George Gilger and Lena Schambs are:
+     162     i.     Joan Schambs7 Gilger, born Private.
+     163     ii.     Richard Douglass Gilger, born Private.
+     164     iii.     John Roger Gilger, born Private.
     165     iv.     Gladys Pauline Gilger, born Private.
+     166     v.     Dale Huntley Gilger, born October 23, 1928 in Greenwich, Ohio; died September 05, 2001 in Wellington, Ohio.

     133.  Ella E.6 Gilger (Margery Ann5 Latimer, William4, George3, George2, Arthur1) was born September 24, 1881 in Bloomingrove Twp., Richland Co., Ohio, and died 1967 in Shiloh, Ohio.  She married Art Mosier.  He was born 1876, and died 1936 in Shiloh, Ohio.

Notes for Ella E. Gilger:
Ror further research:  May have married a man named Relis before she married Art Mosier.  None of her three sons married.
Children of Ella Gilger and Art Mosier are:
     167     i.     Eldon7 Mosier, born 1913 in Shiloh, Ohio; died 1957 in Shiloh, Ohio.

Notes for Eldon Mosier:
No issue.

     168     ii.     Ross Mosier, born Private.
     169     iii.     Jay Mosier, born 1920 in Shiloh, Ohio; died 1986 in Shiloh, Ohio.

Notes for Jay Mosier:
No issue.

     142.  Sarah Jane6 Latimer (John5, William St. Clair4, James3, George2, Arthur1) was born March 08, 1882 in Noble Twp., Noble County, Indiana, and died November 02, 1974 in Avilla, Indiana.  She married Patrick Mangan.  He was born March 07, 1870 in West Liberty, Ohio, and died August 20, 1949 in Noble Twp., Noble County, Indiana.
Children of Sarah Latimer and Patrick Mangan are:
     170     i.     John P.7 Mangan, born Private.
+     171     ii.     Martha Mangan, born Private.
     172     iii.     Mary Mangan, born February 06, 1914 in Noble Twp., Noble County, Indiana; died February 21, 1962 in Whitley Co., Indiana.
     173     iv.     Francis Mangan, born June 25, 1922 in Noble Twp., Noble County, Indiana; died January 19, 1925 in Noble Twp., Noble County, Indiana.

     149.  Clarence C.6 Latimer (William St. Clair Jr.5, William St. Clair4, James3, George2, Arthur1) was born July 27, 1881 in Ashland Co., Ohio, and died January 25, 1962 in Ashland Co., Ohio.  He married Mable Anna Koogle November 10, 1907.  She was born 1882 in Richland Co., Ohio, and died 1970 in Ashland Co., Ohio.

Marriage Notes for Clarence Latimer and Mable Koogle:
Marriage rites performed by Oliver T. Weaver

More About Clarence Latimer and Mable Koogle:
Marriage: November 10, 1907
Children of Clarence Latimer and Mable Koogle are:
     174     i.     Donald C.7 Latimer, born Private.  He married Treva Markley Private; born April 14, 1907; died December 05, 1970.

More About Donald Latimer and Treva Markley:
Private-Begin: Private

+     175     ii.     Richard E. Latimer, born November 05, 1910 in Richland Co., Ohio; died 1981.
     176     iii.     Charles F. Latimer, born February 21, 1918; died 1981.  He married Florence Heffelfinger Private; born Private.

More About Charles Latimer and Florence Heffelfinger:
Private-Begin: Private