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Generation No. 4

     31.  William4 Latimer (George3, George2, Arthur1) was born April 25, 1805 in Westmoreland Co., Pa., and died February 12, 1850 in Blooming Grove twp., Richland Co., Ohio.  He married Nancy Wilson August 19, 1834 in Wayne Co., Ohio, daughter of James Wilson and Mary Hunter.  She was born August 13, 1813 in Westmoreland Co., Pa., and died February 02, 1899 in Blooming Grove twp., Richland Co., Ohio.

Notes for William Latimer:
History of Richland County article on son, George states the following about William Latimer.  "The former ( William Latimer) a native of Washington county, Pennsylvania....was a miller by trade, came to this county in 1825, locating in Blooming Grove twp, where he taught school and subsequently became connected wih agricultural interests.  His marriage was celebrated in Richland county.  He passed away on the 12th of February, 1850, while his wife long surviving him, was called to her final rest in 1899.

Biographical Hist. of Richland C., 198 3, page 112, says William latimer owned 80 acres in Sec. 16, Bloomingrove Twp.  He was a farmer, a miller and a teacher.  He taught school  in Bloomingrove Twp.

Richland County, Ohio Cemetery Records, page 9.  Blooming Grove twp.:  Latimer, William d 12 Feb 1850 - 44 y9m11d

Vol. I, Biographical History of Mercer Co., pg. 405, indicates that William Latimer was born in Westmoreland Co., Pa.  Further:  "William Latimer, the second of his (George's) children, was reared on his father's farm, and was educated in Richland county, Ohio, being but a small child when his parents settled there.  He received a better education than did most boys of his time, and became a school teacher in Richland county.  Having a fine voice, to the training of which he gave considerable attention, he became a good singer, and engaged in teaching singing-school, as well as public school.  About 1833 he married Nancy Wilson, a daughter of James and Mary (Hunter) Wilson, by whom he had seven children......

William Latimer, after his marriage, lived on his farm in Richland county until his death, which occurred in November, 1848.  In politics he was a democrat and served as justice of the peace for twenty years.  he was a prominent member of the Presbyterian church, and for years held the position of chorister.  his widow (is) also a member of that church, and lived on the home farm in Richland county until 1893, but at present resides in Richland county with her daughter."

Note:  Since the cemetery record shows his d.o.d. as February 12, 1850, it is assumed that the date given in the Mercer County records of November, 1848, is incorrect.

Notes for Nancy Wilson:
Dates for birth of children extrapolated from Richland Co. Census, taken Sept. 10, 1850. page 311

Photo in Whissemore Collection, Ohio Genealogical Society, 1876.

Richland County Ohio Cemetery Records Page 9, Blooming Grove twp. Latimer, Nancy Wilson d 2 Feb 1899 85y5m14d.

The following is from the section on Blooming Grove Township, written 1880,  pg. 755

Latimer, Nancy, Mrs., was born Aug. 13, 1813, in Westmoreland Co., Penn., where she resided until the age of 10 years, when her parents removed to Wayne Co., Ohio, where she lived until the 19th of August, 1834, when she was married, and came to this county, where she has since resided.  She is the widow of the late William Latimer, who died Feb. 12, 1850, aged 44 years; he was born in Pennsylvania April 25, 1805; they had seven children, six of whom are living, named Elizabeth Jane, George, John, Mary E., Margery Ann and William S.; one named Wilson died March 29, 1868, aged 25 years ll months and 21 days;  George, John, Margery Ann and William S. are married.  Her son, William S. now carries on the farm for her, but when her children were small she had the management of the place herself after her husband's death.  She has been a widow for a period of thirty years, and lived in the county forty six years.

More About William Latimer and Nancy Wilson:
Marriage: August 19, 1834, Wayne Co., Ohio
Children of William Latimer and Nancy Wilson are:
+     90     i.     George5 Latimer, born August 02, 1837 in Blooming Grove twp. Richland Co., Ohio; died 1908 in Bloomingrove Twp., Richland Co., Oh.
     91     ii.     Wilson Latimer, born Abt. April 1842 in Richland Co., Ohio; died March 29, 1868.
+     92     iii.     Elizabeth Jane Latimer, born December 19, 1836; died April 19, 1911 in Rose Hill, Iowa.
+     93     iv.     John Latimer, born March 16, 1840 in Richland Co., Ohio; died Aft. 1894 in Mercer Co., Ohio.
     94     v.     Mary Ellen Latimer, born Abt. 1843 in Blooming Grove twp. Richland Co., Ohio; died Unknown.  She married James Huston; born Unknown; died Unknown in Richland County.

Notes for James Huston:
Biographical History of Mercer County, Vol. I, pg 405, spells his name Houston.

+     95     vi.     Margery Ann Latimer, born February 26, 1847 in Blooming Grove twp. Richland Co., Ohio; died May 06, 1925 in Shiloh, Richland Co., Ohio.
     96     vii.     William S. Latimer, born 1849; died Unknown in Black Creek Twp., Mercer Co., Ohio.

     34.  George4 Latimer (Robert3, George2, Arthur1) was born January 1805 in Osnaburg Twp. Stark Co., Ohio, and died February 19, 1873 in Richland Co., Ohio.  He married Martha Warden March 25, 1845 in Richland Co., OHIO, daughter of John Warden and Sarah Smith.  She was born April 17, 1817 in Mt. Pleasant, Stark Co., Ohio, and died August 14, 1880.

Notes for George Latimer:
 George Latimer is noted as first white male child born in Osnaburg twp., Stark County, Ohio, 1805, in the Combination atlas map of Stark County Ohio, reprint of 1875 ed.  He is the child of Robert Latimer, noted in that same text as an early settler (1804-07) in that twp.  George named his first son 'Robert'.

From FTM CD450 County and Family Histories, OH. Disk 5 Stark County, Osnaburg Twp.

"The next birth in the township, and which proved to be the first male child born, was George Latimer, son of Robert Latimer, and was born a few months after Mary Kitt.  He died in 1873, in Ashland County, from injuries sustained in falling from a load of straw."

Notes for Martha Warden:
From:  History of Richland County, Ohio, compiled by A.A.Graham, 1807-1880. page 819.

"Latimer, Martha, Mrs.; she was born Nov. 17, 1817; was the daughter of John Warden,one of the first settlers of Tuscarawas Township, Stark Co., Ohio and is the widow of George Latimer, a native of the same county; they were married March 25,  1845, and went to live with Mr. Latimer's father in Osnaburg Townshp, near Canton, where they remained until the spring of 1850, when they moved to Mrs. Latimer's farm in Tuscarawas Township, near the old home of her father and mother, and lived there for the next four years.  In the fall of 1853, they sold this farm and bought another in Butler Township, Richland County., where they moved the following spring, and resided there until April 1, 1869, when they moved again to their present home, near Mansfield  To Mr. and Mrs. Latimer were born six children, all of whom are now living;  they are Robert Patter, John Warden, Rachel Ann, James Parkinson, Mary Caroline and Clark Watt.  John Warden (Latimer) entered the service of his country during the late rebellion, before he was quite 17 years of age; was a member of the drum corps in the 18th O.V.I.  He is now a Professor of Writing and Drawing in the public schools of Newark, Ohio.  Mr. Latimer died February 14, 1873 at the age of 67."

Marriage Notes for George Latimer and Martha Warden:
George Latimer's marriage to Martha Warden, found Vol. B. pg 237, Officiant was Archibald Hanna-MG Presbyterian (Tusc. twp.) Licenced in Wayne County, Ohio 1820

More About George Latimer and Martha Warden:
Marriage: March 25, 1845, Richland Co., OHIO
Children of George Latimer and Martha Warden are:
     97     i.     Robert Patter5 Latimer, born March 10, 1846; died Unknown.

Notes for Robert Patter Latimer:
Was a carpenter.  Lived in Mansfield

+     98     ii.     John Warden Latimer, born May 11, 1848; died Unknown.
     99     iii.     Rachel Ann Latimer, born August 08, 1850; died Unknown.
+     100     iv.     James Parkinson Latimer, born July 10, 1853; died Unknown in Newark. Ohio.
     101     v.     Mary Caroline Latimer, born 1856; died Unknown.
     102     vi.     Clark Watt Latimer, born February 16, 1859; died Unknown.

Notes for Clark Watt Latimer:
Was a Law student, living with his sisters in Mansfield, Ohio in 1885

     35.  Margaret4 Latimer (Robert3, George2, Arthur1) was born 1803, and died Unknown.  She married James Steele 1824 in Stark Co., Ohio, son of Archibald Steele and Margaret Wilson.  He was born Unknown, and died Unknown.

More About James Steele and Margaret Latimer:
Marriage: 1824, Stark Co., Ohio
Child of Margaret Latimer and James Steele is:
+     103     i.     John Latimer5 Steele, born March 21, 1826 in West Brookfield, Stark Co., Ohio; died Unknown.

     37.  Benjamin L.4 Latimer (Robert3, George2, Arthur1) was born August 14, 1801 in Pa., and died April 04, 1879 in Sharon, Pa..  He married Elizabeth Lodge April 15, 1824 in Stark Co., Ohio.  She was born Unknown, and died Unknown.

More About Benjamin Latimer and Elizabeth Lodge:
Marriage: April 15, 1824, Stark Co., Ohio
Child of Benjamin Latimer and Elizabeth Lodge is:
     104     i.     Mary5 Latimer, born Abt. 1825; died Unknown in Paxton, Illinois.  She married FNU Robb; born Unknown; died Unknown.

     38.  Parkinson4 Latimer (Robert3, George2, Arthur1) was born 1809, and died March 01, 1880 in Orrville, Wayne Co., Ohio.  He married Maria Elizabeth Snyder.  She was born 1814, and died July 15, 1884 in Orrville, Wayne Co., Ohio.

Notes for Parkinson Latimer:
Will filed June 16, 1881, Vol. I, page 137, Wayne County, Ohio.  Names wife Maria, daughter Emma Buck, and son Theodore Latimer of Chicago, Illinois.

His nephew, John Latimer Steele of Stark County, Ohio is appointed as Executor.
Witnesses Henry Schribers and Augustus Desvougnez.  John Latimer Steele declined.
Children of Parkinson Latimer and Maria Snyder are:
     105     i.     Theodore5 Latimer, born 1846; died Unknown.  He married Mary O. Clark; born 1844; died Unknown.

Notes for Theodore Latimer:
Lived in Trenton, New Jersey at the time of his father's death.

     106     ii.     Clarissa Emma Latimer, born 1841; died Unknown.  She married Robert Nelson Buck December 09, 1859 in Ashland, Ashland Co., Ohio; born 1839; died Unknown.

Notes for Clarissa Emma Latimer:
Lived at No. 2242 Fitzwater St., Philadelphia St. at the time of her father's death.

More About Robert Buck and Clarissa Latimer:
Marriage: December 09, 1859, Ashland, Ashland Co., Ohio

     107     iii.     Edwin Corbin Latimer, born 1839; died Unknown.
     108     iv.     Rachel Cordillia Latimer, born 1848; died Unknown.

     52.  William St. Clair4 Latimer (James3, George2, Arthur1) was born April 08, 1815 in Ohio, and died April 29, 1915 in Mifflin Twp., Ashland Co., Ohio.  He married Sarah Nutter 1839.  She was born January 15, 1815 in Harrison Co., V., and died April 14, 1885 in Mifflin Twp., Ashland Co., Ohio.

Notes for William St. Clair Latimer:
Cemetery Stone says lived to be 100 years and 11 days.

More About William Latimer and Sarah Nutter:
Marriage: 1839
Children of William Latimer and Sarah Nutter are:
     109     i.     James5 Latimer, born November 21, 1839 in Ashland, Ohio; died 1863 in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Notes for James Latimer:
Died in the Service of U.S. Gov't. Enlisted, 1861. Died in vicksburg, Mississippi, February 12, 1863.

     110     ii.     Elizabeth Latimer, born March 16, 1841; died December 20, 1918.  She married (1) James M. Tawney; born 1842; died 1867.  She married (2) Mathew Neely; born September 07, 1832; died Unknown.

Notes for James M. Tawney:
Died of injuries rec'd in Civ. War.

     111     iii.     Nancy Jane Latimer, born September 08, 1842; died February 19, 1897.
     112     iv.     Harriet Latimer, born December 03, 1843; died February 20, 1911.  She married Henry Sigler; died Unknown.
+     113     v.     John Latimer, born December 04, 1845 in Mifflin Twp., Ashland Co., Ohio; died January 02, 1929 in Wolf Lake, Indiana.
     114     vi.     Sarah Latimer, born September 03, 1847; died June 05, 1850.

Notes for Sarah Latimer:
Said to have died at age 3 - unverified

+     115     vii.     William St. Clair Jr. Latimer, born April 13, 1851 in Richland County, Ohio; died November 15, 1935 in Ashland Co., Ohio.
     116     viii.     Martha Amanda Latimer, born October 01, 1853; died Unknown.  She married Alfred Thomas; died Unknown.

Notes for Alfred Thomas:
Name possibly Albert Thomas

     117     ix.     Zachariah Latimer, born January 20, 1857; died 1916.  He married Mary Echleberger; died Unknown.

     57.  Joseph4 Parkinson (Margaret3 Latimer, George2, Arthur1) was born 1807, and died Unknown.  He married Elizabeth Pogue, daughter of David Pogue.  She was born Unknown, and died Unknown.

Notes for Joseph Parkinson:
Was said to be the eleventh child of Thomas and Margaret Latimer Parkinson.

From Crumrine, History of Washington Co., PA., 1880, Biographical Sketches:

"Dr. Joseph Parkinson was sent by his mother at a very early age to a school kept by Alexander Campbell, afterwards the celebrated Bishop Compbell, whose home and school were upon the farm adjoining the home of the Parkinson's.  The school was called Buffalo Seminary.  In it were taught the English, Latin, Greek and Hebrew languages, together with the higher mathematics.  Dr. Parkinson took a six years' course in this school, and holds a certificate signed by Bishop Campbell, certifying to his proficienty in the branches taught therein.  For one year after leaving school he taught Latin, Greek, and the higher mathematics in school in Warren, Trumbull Co., Ohio.....and in 1833 went to Philadelphia and matriculated in Jefferson Medical College and attended the lectures of 1833 and 1834....He obtained a position in the office of Dr. James Speer, of Pittsburgh, in general surgery and medical treatment of the eye.  After remaining with Dr. Speer for three years he settled in the village of Independence, Washington County, Pa.," (where he was still practicing in 1880).
Child of Joseph Parkinson and Elizabeth Pogue is:
     118     i.     Margaretta E.5 Parkinson, born Unknown; died Unknown.