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Generation No. 2

     2.  George2 Latimer (Arthur1) was born 1714 in Belfast, Ireland, and died October 19, 1793 in Westmoreland Co., Pa..  He married Margaret Potter, daughter of John Potter and Martha Beard.  She was born 1737 in County Tyrone, Ireland, and died May 12, 1810 in Canton, Ohio.

Notes for George Latimer:
Some compilations, sources unknown give George's d.o.b. as 1729, in Belfast, Ireland.  This would make the dates for birth of his children more reliable, as if he were born in 1714, he would have been 66 when his last child, George, was born.

He took the Oath of Fidelity and Allegiance in front of Hugh Martin, Esq. on October 10, 1777, Pennsylvania Archives Vol. 3

Will of George Latimer, Deceased, November 1, 1792, Vol 1, page 108,109.

In the name of God, Amen, I George Latimer in the County of Westmoreland Province of Pennsylvania alhough labouring and under some indisposition of body yet being of sound and perfect mind and memory blessed be the Almighty God for the same do make and ordain this my last Will  and Testament in manner and form following.

First in principle I resign my Soul with the utmost humility into the hands of Almighty God my Creator humbily (sic) hoping for a blessed Immortaity through the merits mediations of my Blessed Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ and my Body I desire may be decently buried at the discretion of my Executors and as for the temporal Estate as the Lord of his great goodness and mercy hath trusted me to be Steward of I give desire and dispose thereof as follows.

I give and bequeath unto my well beloved Wife Margaret one equal share of the whole of my estate with my five sons which remains after my two Daughters first receiving their proportions.

I further desire that when a division of my Estate shall be made that my Sons Arthur and James (page 109) Latimer shall give the sums of twenty pounds each to be equally divided between my Sons George, Thomas and Robert Lattimer to be out of said division to their full use and enjoyment of the same.

I further desire that my Daughters proportions are as follows, my Daughter Margaret to receive twenty shillings and, I bequeath unto my Daughter Martha her Mare and Saddle two cows and two calves her bed bedstead and bed clothes and a breakfast table to be provided for her.  Her drawers I have no claim to, they being of her own providing.

The Lands at Kanetuckey (sic) and this I now live on to be kept for my family to live on, until they see cause to move and then to be sold to the best advantage. I likewise desire that all my lawful debts may be discharged likewise the stock of horses and cows that is now on the plantation be kept for the use of the family only that Horse which my Son James now rides I desire he may have it as his own property besides an equal share of the Estate and my will is that my Sons George, Thomas and Robert Lattimer to be kept to school until they have learned to read write and cypher fitting to keep their accounts which said schooling to be paid out of the whole of my estate and my desire is that the whole of my farming utensils may be kept for the Plantation and my carpenters tools likewise to be kept until my Sons divide their proportions then to be equally divided between my beloved Wife Margaret and her Children.

And if my family or any of them chuses to move to lay their money out for lands some other part of the country then my Estate to be divided as near as possible it can according to Quantity and Quality and equal proportions to my Wife to be at her disposal to be as good in Qualtity and Quality as theirs.  But if my Wife should chuse to receive her part in money the same to be at her discretion.

I desire further that my beloved Margaret may have one bed bedstead and bedding thereto belonging so it stands.

I do hereby authorize and empower my well beloved son James Lattimer and Benjamin Lodge my Executors and administrators during the Minority of my said children.  I do hereby revoke all other Wills by me formerly made and declare this wholly to be my last Will and Testament and do appoint my said loving Wife Margaret Lattimer, Benjamin Lodge and James Lattimer Executors thereof.  In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this first day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety two.

/s/George Lattimer /seal/.  Signed and sealed in the presence of Thomas Friend, Thomas Lattimer, George Lattimer,

Recorded October 19, 1793.

Notes for Margaret Potter:
From Egle's Notes and Queries of Pennsylvania, 1800's-1800's, Third Seried Volume III, Notes and Queries.

John Potter, of Scotch parentage, was a native of county Tyrone, Ireland, where he was born about the year 1705.  He emigrated to America in 1741, and located in Antrim township, now Franklin county.  In the early French war of 1747-48 he was in the service as first lieutenant, and took an active part in the Indian war subsequent to Braddock's defeat on the 17th of February, 1756, following being commissioned a captain in the Second Pennsylvania battalion.  Upon the organization of the county of Cumberland he was appointed the first sheriff, and was again commissioned in 1753.  He died about 1758.  His children were:  James, a major general in the army of the Revolution, Samuel, Thomas, Margaret, m. George Lattimore, Annis, m. Alexander Young, Catherine, Mary, Hannah, and Isabella.  In January, 1761, his widow, Martha, was the wife of Thomas Brown, Brown's Mills, also of Antrim township.
Children of George Latimer and Margaret Potter are:
+     7     i.     George3 Latimer, born Abt. 1780 in Westmoreland Co., Pa.; died Abt. December 1853 in Bloomingrove, Richland Co., Ohio.
+     8     ii.     Robert Latimer, born June 03, 1777 in Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania; died December 07, 1853 in Stark Co., OH.
+     9     iii.     James Latimer, born December 13, 1766 in Pennsylvania; died October 24, 1846 in MifflinTwp. Richland Co., Ohio.
     10     iv.     Thomas Latimer, born Unknown; died Unknown.

Notes for Thomas Latimer:
Thomas is mentioned as an early settler in Osnaburg Twp., Stark County, Ohio.  See: A History of Stark County, Ohio, page 485.

+     11     v.     Arthur Latimer, born 1762; died Unknown.
+     12     vi.     Margaret Latimer, born Unknown; died Unknown.
     13     vii.     Martha Latimer, born Unknown; died Unknown.  She married Benjamin Lodge; born Unknown; died Unknown.

     4.  Susan2 Latimer (Arthur1) was born 1717 in Newry, Ireland, and died 1761.  She married Empson Bird.  He was born Unknown, and died 1786.
Children of Susan Latimer and Empson Bird are:
     14     i.     Geroge3 Bird, born Unknown; died Unknown.
     15     ii.     Thompson Bird, born Unknown; died Unknown.
     16     iii.     Thomas Bird, born Unknown; died Unknown.
     17     iv.     Margaret Bird, born Unknown; died Unknown.
     18     v.     Susanna Bird, born Unknown; died Unknown.
     19     vi.     Emmson Bird, born February 28, 1750/51; died Unknown.
     20     vii.     Mary Bird, born April 13, 1754; died Unknown.

     5.  James2 Latimer (Arthur1) was born May 19, 1719 in Newry, Ireland, and died October 15, 1807 in Delaware.  He married Sarah Geddes September 19, 1749, daughter of Henry Geddes and Jannet LNU.  She was born April 27, 1727, and died August 01, 1813 in Delaware.

More About James Latimer and Sarah Geddes:
Marriage: September 19, 1749
Children of James Latimer and Sarah Geddes are:
     21     i.     George3 Latimer, born July 08, 1750 in Newport, Delaware; died June 12, 1825 in Philadelphia, Pa.,.
+     22     ii.     Henry Latimer, born April 24, 1752 in Newport, Delaware; died December 19, 1819.
+     23     iii.     Margaret Latimer, born November 18, 1754; died July 30, 1839.
     24     iv.     Sarah Latimer, born February 24, 1757; died June 14, 1826.  She married Thomas Jr. Cuthbert June 25, 1773; died Unknown.

More About Thomas Cuthbert and Sarah Latimer:
Marriage: June 25, 1773

     25     v.     James Latimer, born April 18, 1759; died September 07, 1762.
     26     vi.     Jean Jane Latimer, born June 07, 1761; died October 09, 1817 in Philadelphia, Pa..
     27     vii.     James Latimer, born April 05, 1763; died November 29, 1781 in Jamaica.
     28     viii.     Thomas Latimer, born April 19, 1765; died May 27, 1833.  He married Susan David; born Unknown; died Unknown.
+     29     ix.     Susanna Latimer, born May 11, 1768; died December 07, 1810.
+     30     x.     William Geddes Latimer, born February 22, 1771; died June 02, 1810.