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Descendants of Arthur Latimer

Generation No. 1

     1.  Arthur1 Latimer was born Abt. 1690 in Newry, Ireland, and died 1765 in London Britain Twp., Chester Co., PA.  He married (1) Name Unknown.  She died Unknown.  He married (2) Rebecca Whiteside January 10, 1737/38 in Wilmington, Delaware.  She died Unknown.

Notes for Arthur Latimer:
The following is taken from "Genealogical Records of William Geddes Latimer, a work by Samuel Small, Jr., printed for Private Circulation by J.B. Lippencott Company, Philadelphia, MCMV

Arthur Latimer, according to family tradition came to this country with his five children, from near Newry, Ireland, in 1736, and settled in New London Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania.  His wife had died previous to his leaving Ireland.

Newry, a borough and town of Ireland, counties of Down and Armagh on the Newry Water, six miles above Carlingford Bay, thirty-four miles southwest of Belfast.  The principal exports are linen, grain, provisions, cattle, eggs and butter, chiefly to England, but it trades also with North America and the Baltic and the Levant.  Population in 1891 13,211 (Lippincott Gazetteer).

He first appears on the tax-lists of New London in 1740.  In 1747, 1749, and 1750 he was still of the same township, but from 1753 to 1764 was of London Britain Township, in the same county.  In the last named year he was assessed for a dwelling-house, 20 acres of land, one horse and two cows.

Neither the deed for these twenty acres, nor for other property to or from Arthur Latimer or his sons is on record in Chester County.  Probably less than one-fourth of the deeds prior to 1800 were recorded.

This ad ran in the Pennsylvania Gazette (Item#16149) dated October 4, 1753:

Philadelphia, October 1, 1753
RUN away from the subscriber, living in London Britain, chester county, An Irish servant man, named Michael Burk, about 26 years of age, six feet high, well made, has a down look, a little pock pitted, and speaks with the brogue:  He stole with him, A whitish colourcloth coat, lined with the same colour, red jacket, white plush breeches, has to wigs, one pale, the other black, wears his hat full cocked, old shoes, with only one buckle, bluish colourstockings, a pair of trowsers, red silk handkerchief, black stock, has both white and check shirts, and a cane, with a chocolate colour head, and a brass ferrel.  If said servant is secured in Chester, New-Castle, or Lancaster county goals, the securer shall have forty Shillings reward; if in any other goal in the province, shall have Three Pounds, or if in the Jerseys or Maryland, shall likewise have Three Pounds, and reasonable charges, paid by me Arthur Latimer.
N.B. 'Tis supposed there is a woman gone along with him, who is also a servant; he pretends to know both the weaver and cooperbusiness.

In his will he makes bequests to wife and children, the name of the former not being mentioned.  He had married on January 10, 1738, Rebecca Whiteside.  The will and inventory which are difficult to decipher, are here given with the original spelling.

Will of Arthur Latimer, April 2,  1764, Chester County Wills, Book D., Vol.iv p. 513

In the Name of god amen the second day of aprill in the year of our Lord one Thousand seven Hundred and sixty four I arthur Lettermur of London britan Chester County gentelman being sickly and weak in body but sound in mind and memory and calling to mind the mortality of my body and that is appointed for all men once to die do mak and ordain this my last will an Testament that is to say first and princepally and first of all I gie Recommend my sowll unto the hands of god That gave it and as to body I Recommen it to The Earth to be buried in a Cristian and decent an Cristian Lik manner at the descrision of my Excoutrs nothing douting bot I shall Receve the same again at the gennerall Rescrection by the mighty pour of good and as Tuching such worldly Estate wher with it hath pleased god to bless me with in this Life I give and bequath and despose of it in the following manner and form imprims

I do give and bequath unto my beloved son Robert lettemur and george my Linning and willing cloas and over and above I give and bequath to beloved son george a fether beed and Cloas and I give and bequath unto his son arthur Lettimur my forged gridle or plank I leave and bequath unto my Dearly beloved wife Tuinty pounds and her beed and cloas together with her choise of one of the Iorn potts and Liquise the half of the puter and the other half to cozn pally Dargan and I Leve my beloved son James Lettimur To be my whole and sole Executor Together with my bloved son in Law John mcCamond asistant and I leave and bequath unto my sons Robert and James and gorge and John mcCamond & Emmson bondd all my Lands together with all my money and all my bonds and bok detts and all the Rest of my movebless to be sold and Equally devided betwixt them Leving my beloved wife to the care of my Executers Letting her have her choice which of her daughters she will Live with during her natural Life and I do hereby disslow and Revok and Dissnull all and Every other former Testaments wills and Legecis beqasts and Executors by me in any wise before this Time named willed or bequethed Ratifing and confirming This and No other to be my Last will and Testament in witness where of I hereunto have seet my hand and Seall the day and year above written sined sealled published and declared by me said Arthur Lettimur the Tesattur as and for his witnes present.

Note abenie before sinning I bestowe my servant Edwart Muttry one year of his time.

Arthur Lettermur  (x) his mark (seal)

James Kennedy John Dickie (Endorsed)  Chester March 20th, 1765  Then personally appeared James Kennedy & John Dickie and on their oaths on the holy Evangelist of Almight God did depose and declare and say that they were personally present and did see and hear Arthur Lettimur the Testator within named sign seal publish pronounce and declare the within writing as & for his last will & Testament & that at the doing thereof he was of a sound and well Disposing mind and memory to the best of their understandings.  Sworn before H.H. Graham D. Reg'r.

Marriage Notes for Arthur Latimer and Rebecca Whiteside:
See History of Swedes' Church, Wilmington, Delaware, p 366.

More About Arthur Latimer and Rebecca Whiteside:
Marriage: January 10, 1737/38, Wilmington, Delaware
Children of Arthur Latimer and Name Unknown are:
+     2     i.     George2 Latimer, born 1714 in Belfast, Ireland; died October 19, 1793 in Westmoreland Co., Pa..
     3     ii.     Robert Latimer, born 1715 in Ireland; died 1787 in York Co., So. Carolina.  He married Ann LNU; born Abt. 1720; died April 04, 1804 in York Co., South Carolina.

Notes for Robert Latimer:
Information on this family from Michael Scott James and Liz___.

"Robert Lattimore, a colonial pioneer in York county, S.C., was the progenitor of a Latimer family in South Carolina, and through his daughters and granddaughters he became an ancestor of numerous other families.  Records concerning him are meager.

On 6-13-1785 the State of South Carolina paid Robert and Arthur Lattimore for furnishing sundries for the use of the militia during the Revolution.  Arthur Lattimore, Robert's son, evidently was dead by that date and Robert apparently was receiving what was due Arthur.

Robert Lattimore made his will on October 25, 1784.

Notes for Ann LNU:
Her tombstone reads: "In memory of Ann Latimore who died 4-4-1804 aged 84 years."

+     4     iii.     Susan Latimer, born 1717 in Newry, Ireland; died 1761.
+     5     iv.     James Latimer, born May 19, 1719 in Newry, Ireland; died October 15, 1807 in Delaware.
     6     v.     Sarah Latimer, born 1723 in Ireland; died 1814.  She married John McCalmont; born Unknown; died Unknown.