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Generation No. 4

     13.  John4 Cox II (Bartholomew3, John2, William1 Coxe) was born March 27, 1703 in Henrico Co., Va., and died Bef. September 13, 1764 in St. James Parish, Lunenburg Co., Va..  He married Mary Coleman Bef. 1724.  She was born Abt. 1700 in Lunenburg Co., Va., and died Aft. 1793.

Notes for John Cox II:
From Cavaliers and Pioneers, Vol. 5, page 240 (Patent book 26): John Cox, 404 acres, Brunswick County on both sides of Blackstones Creek; adjoining John Twitty; 20 Aug. 1747, page 86, 2 Lbs.

Page 230 (Patent Book 25):  John Twitty, 1,000 acres, Brunswick County on both sides of Meherrin River, beginning at the mouth of Blackstones Creek, on the Robersons Fork, adjoining John Cox and Henry Roberson; 12 Jan. 1746/47, page 587, 5 Lbs.

From Lunenburg County, Virginia, Deed Book 1, page 29:  Pages 473-474, 23 October, 1749.  Armistead Burwell, Gent., of City of Williamsburg, to John Cox, planter, of Lunenburg Co., for 5 shillings and 'work, labour, and service done and peformed by the sid John Cox for the said Armistead Burwell in saving and improving a tract of land,"  100 acres in Lunenburg Co., on side of south fork of Meherrin (Plat drawn on page 474 in deed book).  Signed Armistead Burwell.  Witnesses: Wm Dobyns, Saml. Harris, Mathew Talbot Junr.  Recorded 2 Jan. 1749/50.

Page 302 (Patent book 27):  John Cox, 302 acres, Lunenburgh County down Crupper Run, adjoining Henry Roberson; 15 Dec. 1749, page 525 1 Lb.

Cavaliers and Pioneers, Vol 5, page 342, (Patant Book 28):  Migh Miller, 1,254 acres, Lunenburg County on both sides of the South Fork of Meherrin River, adjoining John Cox; 10 Jan. 1748/49, page 472, 6 Lbs.5.

Page 343 - John Cox, 404 acres, Lunenburgh County, on both sides of the South Fort of Meherrin River, down Finnywood Creek, adjoining Mitchell; 10 Jan. 1748/49, page 494 2 Lbs.

From Cumberland Parish, Lunenburg County, Virginia,, pages 26-29:
Vestrymen: Lyddal Bacon, 1747-1787, Henry Blagrave, 1757-1768, John Cox, 1749-1757.

From Cumberland Parish, Lunenburg County, Virginia, pages 299-31:
Church Wardens:
Lyddal Bacon - 1752, 1753, 1762, 1763, 2769.
Henry Blagrave - 1764
John Cox - 1749, 1750.

From Sunlight on the Southside (Lunenburg Co., Va.)
List of Tithes for 1751, taken by Field Jefferson, includes John Cox, 8 tithes.
List of Tithes for 1752, taken by Lyddall Bacon, includes John Smithson, 1 tithe
List of Tithes for 1752, taken by Cornelius Gargill includes John Cox, (Jr.) l title.
List of tithes for 1752, taken by Hugh Lawson, includes John Cox, Gent. 10 tithes.

From Lunenburg Co., Va., Deed Book 3, pages 251-254:  4 Jan. 1753, John Cox of Cumberland Parish in Lunenburg Co., to Lyddall Bacon & Abraham Martin, Church Wardens of Cumberland Parish on behalf of themselves & the Vestry for the time being forever in trust to and for the Reverand Mr. William Key, Minister of said parish and to the Minister his successors, 75 Lbs, 302 acres in Lunenburg Co., same parish, granted to Cox 15 Dec. 1749.  Signed:  John Cox, Witnesses none.  Recorded: 5 June, 1753.  Mary, wife of Cox relinquished her dower right

From Lunenberg County, Va., Deed Book 7, page 31: Pages 164-165, 2 February, 1762.  John Cox to Macajer Smithson, 50 Lbs., 330 acres in Lunenburg Co., Blewstone Creek at Cox's road, adjoining Burrel & road.  Signed:  John Cox.  Recorded 2 Feb. 1762.

John Cox was appointed Justice of the Peace, and as such signed numerous other transactions in Lunenburg Co.  There are, in addition, other real estate transactions to which he was a part.

From Sunlight on the Southside (Lunenburg Co., Va.) Chapter III, Lists of Tithes, 1752, 1764, 1769.
for 1764, land and wheel carriages -
Cornwall Parish:
Thos Boildin, Joseph Bouldin, William Bouldin, Tithes ll, Land l,703
John Cox, tithes 2, land 300.
For Cumberland Parish:
John Chandler 2 tithes, 200 land
Richrd Coleman 3 tithes, 200 land
Cluverius Coleman 5 tithes, 311 land
Francs. Smithson, William Smithson, Manoah Smithson, Charles Smithson, tithes 7, land 1,246
John Smithson tithes 1.
For St. James Parish:
Benedickes Colman, Ben Colman tithes 2, James Coleman, Wm. Coleman, John Leach tithes 6, land 650
Robert Coleman , Phil Coleman, Abner Coleman tithes 5, land 368
Christopher Coleman tithes 2
For St. James Parish:
Jon. Cox Senr tithes 7, land 640
Jon. cox Junr. tithes 4 land 752
John Cox Junr. tithes 1
Wm. Cox tithes l
John Cox. Sr., Boling Cox, Thos Cox. tithes 3 land 235
Micajah Smithson, tithes 3.
Will Book 2, page 232, Lunenburg County, dated July 16, 1764.  Proved 1764.
I, John Cox the Elder of Lunenburg County and Parish of St. James, sick and weak of body but of sound and perfect memory.
     To my wife, during her natural life or widowhood - 8 negroes, to wit, Aaron, Judy, Peter,Beck, Sharper, Abraham, Amy & Fanny, and all my household furniture (except 2 beds and their furniture and a desk), and 3 horses named Jenny, Pusy and Scuball.  Also the stock of cattle, sheep & hogs.  At her death or marriage, all the moveables of the estate to be left at the discretion of my son John Cox, to be equally divided as he thinks proper, amongst himself & my living issue.
     To my daughter Ann Shiip - Negro boy George, which she now has in her possession.
     To Nanny Ship - daughter of said Anne Ship - Negro boy Isaac   To my son John Cox - Negro wench Frank and a bed and furniture (to be disposed of by him for the use of my daughter Delita Chandler, or her 2 children, Rebeckah and Keziah Chandler).
     To my daughter Mary Smithson - Negro girl Lucy
     To Keziah Smithson, daughter of said Mary - Negro boy Aaron
     To my daughter Edith Minor - Negro boy James
     To Letitia Minor, daughter to the said Edith - Negro Child Beck
To my daughter Tallitha Cox - Negro girl Jenny & Negro boy Andrew, and a good horse and saddle & 1 feather bed & furniture & 10 Lbs.
     To my son Frederick Cox - I lend him a Negro man named Matt & a Negro boy named Harry, during his natural life, and then to return to his heirs lawfully begotten.
     To Franky Coleman Cox , daughter of the said Frederick - Negro boy Peter.
     To my son Bartley Cox - the plantation & land & appurtenances after the death or marriage of my wife.  Also, Negroes Venture, Betty & Bob, & 1 feather bed & furniture & a desk, a large bay mare called Jewel, and a small white horse.
     To my granddaughter Mary Cox, daughter of John Cox - Negro boy Jerry     To my son John Cox - the rest of my estate.
Executors: my wife, Mary Cox & my son John Cox
Signed: John Cox
Witnesses: Benjamin Clark, William Naish, Thomas Taylor, Benjn. Whitehead, Jr.

At M. Court of 13 September, 1764, the will of John Cox, Gent., decd., was exhibited in court by executor John Cox the Younger, proved by the oaths of the witnesses, and ordered recorded.  John Cox the Younger was granted a certificate for obtaining probate.

More About John Cox and Mary Coleman:
Marriage: Bef. 1724
Children of John Cox and Mary Coleman are:
+     19     i.     Mary5 Cox, born Abt. 1728 in Lunenberg Co. Va.; died Unknown.
+     20     ii.     Debitha Cox, born Abt. 1726 in Lunenberg Co., Va.; died Unknown.
+     21     iii.     John Cox, Jr., born January 06, 1736/37 in Cumberland Parish, Lunenberg Co., Va.; died June 09, 1794 in Mecklenburg Co., Va..
+     22     iv.     Edith Cox, born Abt. 1728 in Lunenberg Co., Va.; died Abt. 1802 in Mercer Co., Ky..
+     23     v.     Frederick Cox, born Abt. 1739 in Lunenburg Co., Va.; died Abt. 1791.
+     24     vi.     Anne Nancy Cox, born 1724 in Lunenburg Co., Va.; died July 03, 1828 in Stokes Co., N.C..
+     25     vii.     Bartley Cox, born Abt. 1748 in Lunenburg Co., Va.; died November 01, 1793 in Wilkes Co., Ga..
     26     viii.     Tabitha Cox, born Abt. 1735 in Lunenberg Co., Va.; died February 03, 1767 in Mecklenburg Co., Va..  She married Isham Browder February 03, 1767 in Lunenberg Co., Va.; born Unknown; died Unknown.

More About Isham Browder and Tabitha Cox:
Marriage: February 03, 1767, Lunenberg Co., Va.

     15.  FNU4 Cox (Bartholomew3, John2, William1 Coxe) was born Unknown, and died Unknown.  She married FNU Baugh.  He died Unknown.

Notes for FNU Baugh:
William Baugh, his son, was listed in the will of his grandfather,  Bartholomew Cox.
Child of FNU Cox and FNU Baugh is:
     27     i.     William5 Baugh, died Unknown.